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Finding Balance With Actalin – 30 Day Free Trial Offer

This is a sponsored post – all opinions are my own.

We have all heard the old adage “You are what you eat”, but a lot of people could simply rephrase this statement and chock up anything they have to say concerning bodily functions to “I feel how my thyroid feels.” The fact of the matter is that nutrients and minerals from whole food sources, or a lack thereof, can greatly impact this forgettable gland. These glandular impacts reverberate throughout the entire body. In essence, this tiny, bat-shaped flap of secreting cells, just inches long in the front of the throat, dictates a great deal when it comes to overall energy output and vital systems functions. When the thyroid is not getting the nutrients needed to produce its signature hormones, metabolism and cell response can go off kilter, leading to chronic fatigue, weight gain, depression, difficulty concentrating, and a host of other issues.

With these imbalances in mind and countless patient stories to draw from, renowned homeopathic practitioner Dr. David Brownstein spent years formulating a proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins, and bio-sourced ingredients that keep the thyroid producing regulatory hormones at optimal levels. The nutraceutical formula is called Actalin, and it has been a game changing supplement for many who have grown tired of using prescription drugs to counteract nagging symptoms and not the underlying cause of those symptoms—thyroid malfunction.

The combination of carefully selected ingredients in Actalin may surprise you. There are some mineral names you are familiar with like selenium and iodine. However, did you know a startling number of Americans are woefully deficient in these essential trace elements? Then, there are some sacred herbs from India’s ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda. While ashwagandha and forskohlii root weren’t on your periodic table in high school chemistry, they are used clinically to treat a variety of disorders and have been trusted alternative remedies for centuries. Perhaps it’s time you gave them a chance too.

Medix Select, the makers of Dr. Brownstein’s Actalin , are offering those interested in experiencing a health renaissance the opportunity to try a 30-day supply for free. You pay just $4.95 for shipping and handling, but the Actalin typically sells for $39.95 per bottle. Compared to other medical bills and prescription drug costs, that seems like a pittance to spend on a healthy thyroid and your overall well being. Put Actalin to the test today! Heed your body’s needs and find the balance you deserve.


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