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Tips For Choosing Your Patio Furniture

The right patio furniture can complement your outdoor space, while also offering you and your guests the comfort you deserve. A large table surrounded by comfortable armchairs can turn your classic patio into an exquisite dining area. A wicker or rattan sofa and a rocking chair, both featuring some thick cushions can make your porch become your second family room throughout the whole summer.

Your balcony and your pocket garden can also make livable spaces, provided that you stock them with the right patio furniture. They can easily become your private meditation space or your relaxation oasis in a home full of children and pets.

The following tip might help you to make the best choice of patio furniture, in order to transform your outdoor areas into a welcoming space.

  1. Make Your List Before Going Shopping

The first thing you should do is to think about the functions you want your outdoor space to have. Would you like it to be a second dining area for the warm summer evenings? Would you rather host parties on your patio? Perhaps you crave for a place to call your own, a quiet corner where to read and meditate without getting disturbed by the other members of your family.

Make a list of all things you want to do in this space, and then decide upon the pieces of furniture you’re going to buy. If your tiny patio will have to host your parties and your casual meetings with friends, you won’t need to purchase a table. You should rather go for ample and comfortable armchairs, a few coffee tables and a fire pit.


  1. Take A Set Before You Buy


You have to make sure the furniture you’re going to buy is truly comfortable. You can’t know this until you sit on it yourself. If you care about the comfort of your guests, try the furniture before you order it.


  1. Choose Easy Maintenance Furniture


You should dedicate most of your garden-side time to enjoying your space rather than maintaining your outdoor furniture. You should go for easy-care patio furniture, as this will enable you to make the most out of your time. Stone tables or stone benches for the garden are increasingly popular as they don’t take much care. There are many options such as wicker, cedar, teak and even metal that resist very well to bad weather. Furniture made from these materials will look like new for a very long time.


  1. Store Your Outdoor Furniture Over The Winter


You can make your furniture last longer if you store it in a protected location during the cold season. Even the toughest furniture will look wonderful for longer if you store it in your garage or basement during the off season. If you don’t have a lot of storage space, consider buying foldable furniture.


  1. Dare To Choose Colors


When shopping for patio furniture, you don’t have to limit yourself to natural tones of wood, or to black, white or beige. Modern outdoor furniture is available in various colorful finishes. Nonetheless, for better longevity, consider choosing bold colors only for cushions and accessories.


  1. Invest In Quality


Cheaper plastic furniture may look awesome in the beginning, but its colors will quickly fade away. Moreover, plastic resin chairs may become brittle after one or two years. When doing your shopping, make sure you search for user reviews, and only buy furniture items that have proven to withstand the test of time. Product reviews and ratings can guide you throughout the shopping process, so don’t overlook them.


  1. Consider Getting An Outdoor Rug


Make your patio furniture more appealing by placing it on an all-weather rug. There are many options of quickly-drying outdoor rugs in all shapes and colors, so you’ll surely find the one to match your furniture.


  1. Get Dual-Purpose Pieces


An ottoman that can also be used as an extra seating for your outdoor dinners can be a great choice. Such solutions will enable you to make the most out of your outdoor space.

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  • Adam Duncan

    Thanks for the tips!
    Our daughter has recently found a perfect umbrella for our patio and we loved it.
    (Trademark Innovations LED Lighted Patio Umbrella)
    We love the solar panel and how led lights work. Perfect for our table near the pool!

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