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It can be heartbreaking to watch your child struggle with a certain subject at school or perhaps with learning difficulties on a more general level. As a caregiver and nurturer, you can wipe away tears or bandage scrapes with ease. However, as facilitators of education, few of us can actually make a concept like algebra or grammar go away, regardless of how tedious we feel the subject is or how much it upsets our child.

That’s where Varsity Tutors can make a difference. The act of finally mastering a difficult topic is one of the most rewarding breakthroughs a person can experience. Sometimes, it just takes a personalized learning strategy to address a student’s unique strengths and challenges.  Varsity Tutors prides itself on helping clients find tutors that will best meet their needs and address the  themselves on matching each client with the tutor that will best meet their needs and address the most necessary areas for learning opportunity. Plus, having a tutor prepared for instruction when and where you choose eliminates many obstacles that hinder learning from the outset.  Tutors can meet students online, in the home, or anywhere that is convenient.


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In my formative years, I could have definitely benefited from a tutor in the advanced math subjects. Though I was typically a whiz in other classes, Geometry and Algebra II were a struggle for me. Part of the problem (I now realize) was that I needed glasses and could not see the board well enough to follow the calculations. Of course, this was also the only learning strategy used in this classroom scenario. Perhaps the use of other methods would have led to that critical light bulb going off in my head just a bit more quickly. In the long run, I passed both Geometry and Algebra II with B grades – after taking each class a second time in summer school.  In both instances, a different teacher during summer school and a slightly more intensive curriculum delivery were integral to my success. In my mind, this goes so far as to prove that the right tutor and/or a chance to regroup in terms of learning strategies can make all the difference.


Get $200 OFF now!


Varsity Tutors offers in-person tutoring in 84 U.S. cities, with online tutoring available nationwide.  Did you know that one-on-one tutoring has been shown to lift average students to the top 2% of the class and that they outperform non-tutored students in 45 out of 52 academic studies, a rate of nearly 90%?  With 900 subjects covered including academic, test prep, and specialized subjects — over two million hours have been delivered to 100,000 clients on the Varsity Tutors platform!

If you are interested in helping your child discover the benefit of a more personalized learning experience, whether for a specific subject or even for college test preparation, contact Varsity Tutors today to learn more about their transformative tutoring options. Also ask how you can receive $200 off on select test prep packages. The acts of teaching and retaining taught knowledge cannot always fit a certain mold or adhere to some rubric for guaranteed success. Let Varsity Tutors help your student break the mold for success and shape a bright future.

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