7 Pieces of Relaxation Tech You Need In Your Life


We all need to take it down a notch at times and these items are here to help us achieve this. So, check out these seven pieces of relaxation tech you need in your life.

  1. The Lomme Bed

This bed is available with a light system that will allow a person to choose the different strength and color of the internal light via a color wheel. The bed also restricts the amount of external noise, which is a great way to distance yourself from the outside world; as well as installing an invisible iPod feature enabling the sleep to hear relaxing music or sounds. The Lomme bed mattress is available with an in-built massage system incorporating several massage options.

  1. The Aromatherapy Shower Kit

Transform a shower into a personal spa using an aromatherapy shower kit – a kit that can attach to the shower’s showerhead. This kit features three alternative essential oil blends that will be mixed directly with the hot water; however, for a milder experience, it is possible to relocate the pod outside of the water allowing the scent to mingle with the shower’s steam.

  1. The Giant Stress Ball

A giant stress ball is one of the ‘must-have’ options of all individuals who are stressed-out but hands-on. While it may appear as a basic foam stress ball, this giant stress ball has been created to meet giant proportions allowing you to squeeze or pound all your stress away.

  1. The Bucky Balls

Bucky Balls and Bucky Cubes are highly beneficial standbys to place around a desk as easy-to-reach stress relieving alternatives. Each of these items present as tiny magnetic balls or cubes that allow you to create awesome shapes. Needless to say, the Bucky Balls or Bucky Cubes will keep your mind active but focused on a project unrelated to the stressful event bugging you in reality. These are particularly recommended for individuals who spend a great deal of time on the phone.

  1. The Aduki Ni Light

The Aduki Ni Light by Mathmos is one of the more relaxing light devices currently available. When switched off, this light appears to be a hand-sized teardrop created using mercury or hematite. However, when turned on, the light will appear in any color of your choice or with movements of different colors throughout the color spectrum. This is highly recommended if you are searching for a type of visual relaxation.

  1. The Neuroon

The Neuroon relaxation item is a professional sleep and rest manager that allows the person to awake feeling refreshed and relaxed. This is the world’s first sleep mask created for polyphasic sleep; thereby, developing a unique sleeping schedule for the user. It allows you to alternative from monophasic to polyphasic sleep resulting in the need for less sleep, but more efficient sleep.

  1. Bearpaw Boots

Want to get comfortable and relax, well then bearpaw boots could be the perfect solution. Made from sheepskin, the feel and texture of these boots is relaxing and also helps to regulate temperature. They’re snug and comfortable and the perfect footwear to relax in. You can find them on Orthotic Shop.


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