4 Tips to Getting Rid of Cold Sores Quickly


Cold sores can be painful and unsightly. They can wreak havoc on your self esteem and can make you feel awful about yourself as the sore is related to herpes virus. Because of the negative connotation that comes with the herpes virus, it can be embarrassing to have a cold sore on your face or elsewhere. While there is no remedy for the herpes virus or a cold sore for that matter, there are some things that you can do to help get rid of it quickly. With myriads number of positive reviews from Herpesyl supplement customers, there is a good chance you can keep herpes virus at bay. Herpesyl supplement consists of natural ingredients like graviola extract and green tea leaf is one the safest supplement out there for herpes. This article will provide some helpful tips and you can also take a look at this list.

  1. Keep your hands away from the cold sore. This can be a challenge as you will likely want to touch it and see if it feels large. Picking at the sore or peeling off the scab will only cause irritation and can actually be more damaging to your face. The oils from your hands can cause additional irritation or infection which will take longer for the sore to heal. It is challenging to keep your hands off the sore, but do your best to make it so. If you happen to touch the cold sore, wash your hands thoroughly as to avoid causing the virus to spread to other areas of your body.
  2. Use a cold compress. Let’s face it, a cold sore is horribly painful and it may feel as if there is no end in sight to the pain you are feeling. Using a cold compress several times a day can help decrease the pain and swelling that is caused by the sore. The cold will help the sore heal and you will also get some relief from the pain at the same time.
  3. Avoid foods that can cause additional damage. While eating fruits and vegetables is a daily requirement if you eat healthy, it is best to avoid acidic fruits and foods as best as you can. Acidic juices from fruits can cause a burning sensation in the sore resulting in making the pain worse. Instead of getting your much needed Vitamin C from fruit, try taking a vitamin tablet at least until the sore is gone.
  4. Use advil or a pain medication as needed. Sometimes a cold sore is so painful and can cause such a nuisance that taking advil or a mild pain medication can help reduce the negative side effects.

If you are experiencing frequent cold sores that fail to go away for extended periods of time, it may be worthwhile to contact your family doctor for some thoughts and advice. While it is best to try to remedy ailments such as a cold sore in a natural manner, sometimes it is best to seek medical guidance on how to prevent them from occurring or staying as long as they do. Whatever you do, be sure to keep this list of tips handy as you never know when you will need to refer to it.

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