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Are you Drinking Water that has gone through Legionella Testing?

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Drinking clean water is the basis of disease free life. And to check the water safety level at home or at work, the reliable way is to resort to popular Legionella testing. Legionella is the peril which needs to be addressed. In failing to carry out the water testing, health risks are evident.


Everyone should understand the necessity and the benefits of taking up the Legionella test to prevent the outbreak of fatal Legionnaires disease. In a routine affair, you will realize the potential to safeguard the wellbeing of the people who use and work around you. It protects you against litigation with the certified laboratory test results you can use in case of any charges of infection against your facility.


The regular testing appends your maintenance efforts as well as displays a clear action of your due diligence. Testing is vital in cases where compliance with the government’s health standards should be adhered. The regular testing showcases a constant diligence in the fight against the deadly disease Legionella.


Don’t forget if you’re running a workplace or so, you are legally bound to carry out this test in your water systems. The legislation relates to the general framework of managing health, safety and welfare of the people who may get exposed to the risk of Legionella in the course of job activities.


Without a doubt, regular testing for Legionella is a crucial part of the code of practice. You need to carry out the routine Legionella test for a disease free healthy civilization. Also, the scare of litigation is a minute part of it. No one wants to be held guilty of Legionella infection, so carry out Legionella testing punctiliously to avoid any unpleasantness and ensuring the health of the people working around you.


It is the legal responsibility of every landlord of the property to ensure it is free from hazardous elements such as Legionella bacteria. This is also right for employers who are responsible for premises as well as the health & safety of others.


Using a Legionella test kit from Aquacert is always easy to use. They provide you with the proper set of instructions along with the kits. Initially, you need to take the water samples from your taps or showers. Then ask the company to collect the samples for testing. And finally they will test your samples in their professional laboratory and will return back with the test results and Legionella certificate.


The entire testing process takes around 13 days to get the results. It is because the samples have to be cultured in the lab for at least 10 days. But there are alternatives to get faster screening with different technology.


You will receive a Legionella test certificate and you can also check it online. The organization will send you the regular reminders for your next (due) Legionella test. The consistent testing is essential to keep a tap on the growth of Legionella bacteria.


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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