Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder


As a blogger I take a ton of photos.  I do try to take as many as possible outside because natural light is always best.  However, natural light is not always available.  Although I do have a full lighting system for taking photos – it is not always feasible to set all that equipment up when I only need a few photos.  There are definitely easier ways to get the job done.



This ring light is specifically designed to hold a cell phone.  I have an iPhone 6 Plus which is a fairly large phone and it holds it just fine.



The clamp allows me to attached the ring light and cell phone holder anywhere I want to.



The light operates with a USB port and that can be plugged into an outlet, laptop, PC etc… Pretty much any place you can usually plug in a USB plug.  And of course the primary component is the ring light.


Check out this Ring Light comparison – these are outside so there isn’t a huge difference but there is a bit of a difference.


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