3 Great Options for Casual Footwear

One look is all it takes to confirm there are shoes for just about every occasion. Many people put a great deal of thought into selecting footwear for the workplace but are less diligent when it comes to choosing casual shoes. The fact is that you should pay as much attention to your casual footwear as you do to the shoes chosen for the workplace. Here are three examples of casual footwear that should be in your closet right now.





A high quality pair of sneakers will work nicely in many different settings. Go with a pair that is in a neutral color and you will find they work equally well with jeans, shorts, and other types of casual wear. The right pair of sneakers provides the support needed for a day of shopping as well as all the walking you will do when visiting an amusement park. You can even invest in a pair with the perfect amount of support to get you through an evening walk and leave your feet and lower legs feeling free of any strains or stress.




Sandals are an ideal solution for warm weather casual wear. They look great with many different types of casual attire and the better brands will provide plenty of support for your feet. Consider how well this option would work when you plan on spending a Saturday hanging out with friends or want to spend some time at the lake. Can you see yourself enjoying a meal at a lakeside diner with outdoor seating? How about sipping on your favorite latte at a cafe? You can rest assured that the right pair of sandals would take you to any of these locations in style.


While many sandal designs sport flats, it is possible to purchase designs that come with short heels. Take a look at what  Mephisto shoes in Calgary and Vancouver can provide in the way of sandals. It won’t take long to find a design that is perfect for what you have in mind.




While shoes are find for some occasions, there are times when only a pair of boots will do. Look for a design that offers some style as well as the durability needed for activities like camping or a walk through a forest or park. The right choice for  Sorel women’s boots  could also be perfect if your place of employment has a casual day now and then. The boots add a slightly dressier look than sneakers and will be just as comfortable.


If you are the type who is highly selective about the shoes you purchase for work, try using the same approach with the shoes you wear after hours. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes in terms of how nice you look in your casual attire and the support that those higher-qualify shoes provide for your feet.

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