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Lumpy Cubes Quick Quirky Cube Stacks #RoosterFinGames

Lumpy Cubes is a matching game but it is based on speed and memory.  There are four sets of cubes – each player chooses one full set (color).

Each color set is exactly the same set of cubes.  The quick explanation is that there are cards that show the four blocks in a certain pattern.  Each person shakes their cubes and drops them randomly on their playing surface.  One card is flipped that displays a particular pattern.  Each person then races to match that same exact pattern.  Whoever finishes first and correctly – wins.

This game is designed for 1 to 4 players and ages 6 to adult.  Major skills built with this game are memory, reaction time and motor skills.

This game is a product of RoosterFin who’s games are all teacher-created, simple to learn and family friendly.

Lumpy Cubes may also be purchased at and check out their YouTube video!



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