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Tools Everyone In The eCommerce Industry Should Be Using

A number of agencies, companies, brands have established successfully because of internet advertisements. The right digital marketing will always help in increasing sales such as on So here are some tools that will you boost your ecommerce sales:

Multi Channel Inventory management

Incredibly, incorporating a multi-channel inventory management solution into your business is surprisingly simple. Also, most of the top multi-channel inventory management providers offer simple one-click integration with Shopify Plus. Below are some options.

EMERGE App is an order and inventory management system. A cloud based multi channel order management software which allows sellers to manage inventory across marketplaces, eCommerce stores. Whether you have a single or multiple warehouses, multiple Shopify stores, B2B channels, or even marketplace integration with Amazon, EMERGE focus on visibility helps you keep up to date with both current and future orders.

Orderbot is an order and inventory management system that allows you to consolidate orders that flow from multiple channels with clear inventory and fulfillment visibility. It contains all the key functionality you need, such as multi-currency, integrated payment gateways, a fully published API, and import/export capabilities.  Have you site evaluated with Serp API Review.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool provided by Google. The HubSpot State of Inbound report in 2015 discovered that Marketers in APAC who measured marketing analytics 2+ times per week were twice as likely to achieve greater ROI.

It gives reliable information about the customers visiting your website. Everyone is curious to know about the customers who are visiting, how much traffic is on their website, the visitor’s locations, visitor’s behavior. All the answers to these questions are provided by Google Analytics. It gives the overview of all the things happening on your website.

At first, Google Analytics might seem a bit confusing. But Google has provided a number of online courses that will make you a pro in using Google Analytics. Log into Google Analytics and check the dashboard. That will help you decide whether you are reaching your marketing targets or not and what improvisations you need to do.

Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube

Social Media is no longer just for uploading travel pictures and selling hi’s and hello’s to your friends. Social Media is something on which the current generation is spending most of the time watching ads, videos related to products, buying products.

People are using Facebook, Instagram to share pictures of their products. And at times sell also or provide a link to their website.

On Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube you can set up your company page, where you can mention the details, success stories, pictures, videos of customers giving reviews about your product.

Here are some additional tools to manage and increase sales on social media:-

  • Simply Measured – helps to analyze all the social media pages of your company and give a competitive analysis.
  • AuthentiPix – Customers share their reviews via pictures andd videos on Instagram. With the help of AuthentiPix, you can make use of the reviews by posting them on your website, which would encourage others to buy.
  • Store- It helps to increase sales via Facebook.
  • Canva- It takes a lot of time to build up content to post on Facebook, Instagram. Canva helps to design graphics easily like to create combine unique images, social media cover photos.
  • Buy Now- It helps buyers to directly buy from their Twitter timeline.


MailChimp is a useful digital marketing tool. It is an email marketing software. It provides numerous tools and templates to create luring personalized emails. That are sent in bulk to target customers, subscribers. It assists the users to build insights on how much the emails are effective, also track the orders that are coming through email campaigns. The insights help to improve and modify email campaigns.



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