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Clogs 101 – What’s Your Clog Plan?

This is a sponsored post by Roto-Rooter

When I was a child I was oblivious to so many things.  Now that I am an adult and see my kids being just as oblivious – I often ask myself – “Do they really live in this house?”  How can they miss so much of what goes on around them?

One of the things they often never even notice is a clogged drain.  They will just keep filling that sink or tub and just walk away – never even noticing or acknowledging that there is an issue of any kind.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to be so carefree – let the problems all resolve themselves.

However, a clogged drain will not resolve itself – it does need some assistance.  For us, we turn to Roto-Rooter all the time.  Their products have more active ingredients and the perfect thickness to get the job done and done well!

With Roto-Rooter we are able to get on with our lives as quickly as possible without the added expense of calling a plumber – we do it ourselves.  It works quickly and is safe on all pipes!

More often than not our problem is due to long hair so their Hair Clog Remover is always on hand.  If it isn’t because of my long hair and my daughter’s – it is because the dog got sprayed by a skunk again and bathing becomes essential and frequent.  She is a newfoundland – lots and lots of hair at all times.


With Roto-Rooter we are able to keep everything functioning properly!  That makes for a very happy family so we can focus on what we want to focus on.




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