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4 Tips To Save Your DVD From Being Damaged

If you have a personal collection of movie DVDs, then it can be very distressing when one of them is damaged. Even if the damage is minimal, the movie can become distorted in some places or certain parts may become unplayable. As such, it becomes necessary to take sufficient precautions to keep the DVD safe from scratches, dirt and other dangers. Below, we look at four ways you can save your DVDs from getting damaged.

Store And Handle Carefully

The DVDs must be stored in a cool, dry place. The place should not be too hot, nor be exposed to too much sunlight. Humidity must be average, and you certainly should not keep DVDs in damp places. Rather than keeping discs upright on top of each other, try to keep them separate in individual covers. And remember never to touch the shiny surface of the DVD while picking it from the cover. Instead, always hold it using a finger inside the DVD hole and the rest of the fingers supporting the edge of it. Plus, it is also a good idea to use DVD replication or duplication services and take backups of your favourite DVD. You can then use the duplicate DVD and keep the original one safe in the storage location.

Use Masking Tape For Damaged DVDs

Sometimes you may notice holes in your DVD. And though these are not repairable and the data in those areas are likely to be corrupted, you can still prevent further damage and preserve the rest of the DVD.  To do so, check the shiny side for holes and mark those locations with a marker pen on the opposite side. Once all holes have been mapped, cut off small pieces from a masking tape and stick it atop the areas you have marked. Now if you run the DVD, you will be able to see most of the video, except for certain portions which have been affected by the holes.

When Using In Cars

If you use DVDs in your car, be careful not to leave them in the open on top of your dashboard. This is because these DVDs will be exposed to sunlight, which can eventually damage them. Even if the DVD is enclosed in its cover, the heat from the sunlight can still cause damage. This is not just applicable to dashboard, but to any area inside the vehicle that will be exposed to sunlight for long durations.


If you see that dust has settled on the DVD, you should immediately clean it or the disc can become unusable over time. Use warm water for cleaning. And when drying, just shake off the water and leave it to air dry. Never place it under sunlight for drying.

Try out any of the above tips and your DVD will certainly remain in usable condition. And you can have peace of mind knowing well that the movie collection you have so carefully built up over the years is safe and secure.


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