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Seasonal37 Cold Relief Drops

In our family we try to use supplements as much as possible for our ailments.  We do take medications for major issues but handle as much as we can more naturally.

Seasonal37 Cold Relief drops are definitely essential in our home at this time of year.  With this supplement we are able to get quick cold relief. It is fast acting and very effective.  It is especially helpful for vocal professionals!

If you suffer from voice or throat irritation these drops work to keep your throat lubricated while it heals.  The result is that your throat and voice are not dry and straining while it is healing.  These drops are herbal drops with Echinacea Herb, Red Root, Green Tea, Elderberry, Thyme, Red Clover, Ginger & more.

The taste is not unpleasant and even my children can use it – I don’t need to struggle to get them to take it.  They are more than willing which makes me a very happy mom!

Just today I needed to pick my daughter up from school for the first cold of the season.  I came straight home and we started with our Seasonal37 Cold Relief Drops – definitely time to keep it stocked for the cold season!

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