Hot Feet Thermal Socks

It may only be October but I need to start thinking about January – when we are trying to take care of the horses and it is 10 degrees below 0!  The horses still need to be cared for – it doesn’t matter how cold it is.  So it is this time of year when I start thinking about preparing to keep warm – especially my feet!  Yes we wear boots and they are really good boots – but you stay outside long enough even those really warm boots aren’t so warm.

These thermal socks are extremely soft and comfortable and each set comes with three pairs – this set is full of vibrant bright colors.  The long looped thermal pile inside helps to keep our feet warmer and for longer periods of time.  But we can also wear them when we are hiking etc which we do a great deal of.  They are machine washable and have a non-skid slipper sock bottom for proper gripping when not wearing shoes.

These socks are available on Amazon.

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