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5 Tips to traveling to Riga

When traveling to any country, it is best to do your research before you set off for your trip. While Latvia is a gorgeous place to visit, and their capital, Riga is as well, it is still best to arrive with some knowledge about the place under your belt. IT is always good to know what to expect when traveling to a foreign country so that you can be prepared. In this article, we will explore some great tips that you should keep in mind when traveling to Riga. From picking a hotel to conversing with the locals, we have some great tips for your to consider keeping in your back pocket.


  • Find a good hotel. When you travel to another country, it is a good idea to look for accommodations that will provide all that you need to have a comfortable stay. If you are traveling alone, you may not have as many requirements as if you are traveling with a spouse, kids, or pets. A good idea is to keep in mind the type of environment you will want to call your “home base” while you travel. If you like to travel and have all the necessary amenities that you are used to having at home, you should consider staying in a place that is highly rated and recommended by fellow travelers. If you want to stay in a hotel that offers great hospitality, riga’s boutique hotel Neiburgs is a great one to consider.
  • Riga Card. When traveling to Riga, you will likely want to visit tourist destinations such as museums, cafe’s, and shops. The Riga card is a great pass to purchase as it not only gets you rides on public transportation, but it also offers you 50% off at the Museum of History, Riga Art Nouveau Museum, and the Riga St. Peter’s Church. There are also other discounts for places such as the zoo, renting a bicycle, or going on the Riga canal via boat. The card is offered in a  variety of monetary increments and you can purchase what you think will be helpful during your stay. The Riga card can be purchased at the Town Hall Square that is located in Riga’s Old Town neighborhood.
  • Public Transportation is a great way to get around. In fact, the trams are the fastest way to get from one place to the next. If you are interested in other modes of transportation, there are buses, and trolleys that can also help you get around the city. Purchasing an e-ticket or Riga Card in advance is the easiest way to use public transportation as you will not have to pay per ride. You will simply purchase your fares up front and use your card or e-ticket to pay for services. Keep in mind that the bus that will get you from the airport to your hotel will likely be the number 22 bus that frequents the city centre and the airport.
  • Many people in Riga speak English. If English is your first language and you are not able to speak other languages, do not fret. Many people in Riga speak English and are welcoming to tourists who visit their city. It is a good idea to purchase a book so that you can learn some of the language but you do not have to feel intimidated if you only speak English.
  • Food. While traveling to another country, it is often part of the excitement to enjoy the local food and drink. In Latvia, the food is full of exquisite flavors and can be very heavy. Do not be alarmed as this is normal. Slowly eat your food and savor every bite to have the best experience.



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