Starpath Dolls Presents Shining Star – Gorgeous 18 Inch Doll(s)

Every young lady needs a mature doll.  When they are younger they all want baby dolls but once they get a little older they are very interested in the 18 inch dolls and al that they have to offer.

I’d love to introduce you all to the new Starpath Dolls.  These are 18 inch dolls that are stunning and multi-ethnic.  Storybooks are even available as printed books or e-books incorporating the child’s name, city, appearance and other personal details.  The individualized story ends up being a one of a kind personalized adventure.

We haven’t personalized the details on the book yet but we definitely look forward to doing that together.

This doll is perfect for children aged 5 to around 9 and there are currently 4 dolls to choose from – Morning Star, Shining Star, Wishing Star and Wandering Star and the personalized books are created while visiting the Starpath Dolls website.

First choose a chapter book — currently A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong or Tiger Magic — then fill in a few questions to create the story’s characters. Customized details are woven throughout every page of the book, making it truly her story. Gift givers have the option to purchase the doll and personalize the book at a later time or e-mail the personalization link to another. Paperback versions of the chapter book are sold separately ($20) and arrive by postal mail in approximately one week. Or choose an instant e-book, free with each doll purchase.

We chose Shining Star as our doll and it was the perfect choice – check out those boots!  My daughter lives in boots – I get calls almost every day from school about how she forgot to bring sneakers… It is a never-ending battle.

My daughter was trying to have the save “face” as her Shining Star.  She couldn’t  quite make her eyes as round.

Check out all the dolls available – they are much more affordable than other 18 inch dolls and the quality is terrific:


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