InDepth Review of the Nutrisystem Diet

Weight and obesity is the new pandemic -people suffering from the weight conditions are finding it extremely difficult to live a healthy life they’ve always wanted. And this is why in the article below, we decided to offer a comprehensive and in-depth review of one of the diet programs that claim to have the ability to cut down your weight.

What is Nutrisystem Meal Plan?

Nutrisystem is a meal plan that is built around meal planning and portion control. The Nutrisystem meal plan helps you to lose weight by offering a well-balanced diet. Since the Nutrisystem is a prepaid meal plan, the diet package is directly delivered to your door. The diet plan was incorporated in 1972, and initially offered weight-loss counseling services in selected areas.

What the Cost Of The Diet Plan?

Just like any other diet plans, the cost factor is a major aspect. According to most of the online reviewers, the Nutrisystem seems a tad too pricey. Depending on the meal plan you select, there’s a basic plan that comprises of pre-selected ready to go food, core plan, which has an additional 100 foods, and a uniquely your plan that has an additional 150 foods, the Nutrisystem costs are between $9.28 and $ 11.96 per day, translating to around $250 to $300 per month.

However, according to our experts at, there’s a lot of supportive evidence that shows that the meal-replacement program is effective in cutting down the weight, and so yes, while the cost might seem a bit high, it’s a worthwhile purchase that can guarantee results.

According to one of the clients who reviewed the product, the best way to learn about the product is to enquire all the details from the Nutrisystem company before ordering the product.

However, if you’re looking for a discount for a Nutrisystem meal plan purchase, best views, offers a coupon code you can use to cut down the cost considerably.

How’s the Nutrisystem experience?

From the reviews of the Nutrisystem, the diet plan can become stagnant or bland over time. This is particularly true if you don’t have a taste of the foods included in your diet.

For instance, the Nutrisystem diet has plenty of sweet “meals,” and for individuals who don’t have a sweet tooth, then the whole diet system does not relate at all.

In addition to the food taste and selection, some of the reviewers have issues with the portion provided in relation to the calorie content.

However, not all reviewers are gloomy about the diet system, in fact, a huge chunk of the reviewers are satisfied with the system. For a start, most of the reviewers think that the system exhibits versatility at its best. Rather than having no alternative or sticking to a rigid self-sustained program, the Nutrisystem offers a tasty, wonderful and convenient weight loss system

Is the Nutrisystem Result Oriented?

We are truly grateful for all those clients who decided to post their testimonials and experiences with the system. However, what we would have like to see more is a scientifically backed research that shows how the program helps in losing weight.

We’re well aware of the scientific link that exists between weight loss, portion control, and balanced diet, and we would like to see a solid research that links weight loss to the Nutrisystem program. However, this is not to mean that we’re understating the effectiveness of the system, but we like objectivity, and evidence backed research.

Nonetheless, the positive reviews from users who have had experiences with the Nutrisystem clears the misty air, and offers the system the benefit of doubt. Most of the users are glad to have come across the product, and even go ahead to claim the product is effective.


We’re a bit hesitant as to whether the product is effective as it claims since it’s not backed by solid scientific information, but there’s a high chance that you could see improvements.

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