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6 Ways to Make Moving Less Stressful

I pay way too much rent. My place is tiny and my landlord takes weeks to fix something when it breaks.

But I’d rather pay high rent than go through the painful process of moving.

Moving companies have disappointed me over and over again throughout my life, and the thought of seeking out a good one isn’t something I want to face.

But there are moving companies in Seattle that aim to restore the image of the industry. I came across a good one the other day and simply had to write about my experience.

This is how you too can have a stress free move when you team up with the right moving company.

Prepare Yourself with the Right Equipment

Moving supplies can make the world of difference during your move.

The following items are recommended (where applicable) if you want your move to be quick, safe and cheap:

  • The correct tiedowns to secure large furniture that’s easily damaged—such as;
    • fridges
    • sofas
    • tables
    • beds
  • Strong boxes to pack all your small-to-medium items
  • Lots of newspaper to protect your class and porcelain items
  • Tape to seal your boxes and labeling tape to label them (don’t forget a marker)
  • Several large boxes for items that won’t fit into your medium boxes.
  • Mattress bags to keep your mattress from getting dirty or damaged during transit

Get a Company that Includes Cleaning

Once your old place is empty, it isn’t going to look that great.

The best moving company I ever worked with included cleaning in their quote. They charged a little more, but it saved me loads of time and effort in cleaning.

Believe me! The last think you want to do after moving is sweep, mop and dust an empty house. Let the expert do it for you. They already have all the equipment & supplies they need to leave the inside and outside of your old place clean.

Finding a quality moving company is one of the most important things to consider when you are moving property and need to take heavy loads with you.  Unless you don’t have much to move, hiring a moving company will ensure you are able to do so in a smooth and trouble-free manner.  Although you may think packing and moving your belongings is an easy task, there’s definitely more to it than you think.

Plan Special Transportation for Your Fragile Items

Items that break easily when moved should not be included in your regular load.

Use a moving service in Seattle that includes fragile handling as one of their services. They will ensure that valuable paintings, vases, statues and musical instruments are relocated with care.

Prepare for Possible Disputes

I hate to admit it, but there are some movers who have no regard for the possessions of others.

Something always seems to go missing or get damaged during a move, and it often ends up causing a dispute between you and the company you used.

Prepare for these disputes. How? By using a company that has a proper dispute process in place. If anything should go wrong, at least you know there’ll be a fair resolution.

Plan for Someone to Assist You with Protecting Your items

Always ask at least one person you trust to help you move. This person may help you pack boxes, but they can also stay behind and watch your stuff while you’re driving to or from your new & old place.

Keeping someone near your stuff will ensure movers act with care. It will also prevent theft while you’re not close by.

Get Insured!

Moving already costs enough money.

Don’t throw away more by losing your items or seeing them damaged after the move.

The best Seattle Moving Company always make sure they’re insured and bonded. This way, if anything does happen to your items—especially the valuable ones—you’re covered.

If your moving company isn’t insured, you run the risk of suffering loss. Accidents do happen, so if your items are valuable, use a company that can guarantee a resolution if the unforeseen does occur.

One last tip – if you have pets that will be moving with you, make sure you do your research for tips on how to best move with your dog etc…


Now that you’re prepared for all of those unforeseen stresses, enjoy your move. Pace yourself and look forward to your new place.



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