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Understanding the Core Principles of Solution-Focused Therapy


Solution-focused therapy is a short-term approach that emphasizes the client’s strengths and resources rather than their symptoms or problems. This goal-oriented cognitive therapy is known for its pragmatic, hope-friendly perspective. Practitioners often ask “miracle questions,” prompting clients to imagine their life without the problem they brought into the session. This helps to open the door.. [Read More]

3 Benefits of Indica Tinctures for Stress Relief

What does stress do to your body? When you’re constantly under stress, you run the risk of worsening existing conditions in your body. Illnesses and diseases like anxiety disorders can worsen with more stress and lower lifestyle choices. What if there was an all-natural and fun way to manage that stress? Tinctures are all the.. [Read More]

How to Put Your Personal Problems Aside for the Sake of Relaxation


If you’re someone who finds it difficult to relax, the idea of even putting half an hour aside to clear your mind of clutter and just focus on keeping yourself calm might sound like a tall order. This might be because you’ve got a lot going on, but it might also be due to more.. [Read More]

How to Make Working from Home Fun – Making Over Your Home Workspace

Revitalize your workspace

It can be hard to motivate yourself when you are working from home. There are lots of things in and around the home that can take away your attention and distract you from the task at hand. Working from home can feel tedious at times, especially if your workspace is not fun or even fit.. [Read More]

6 Common Mistakes with Training Dogs and How to Avoid Them

Dog Training

Dogs are amazing creatures; unlike cats, they want to please and be a part of your family. They truly are loving animals, so many think of them as furry children, almost! This can make it heartbreaking when you think your dog isn’t responding to training as it should. While dogs can have different personalities, as.. [Read More]

Hair Loss Due to Stress: What You Should Know

Hair Loss Due to Stress: What You Should Know

In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of people who suffer from physical and mental stress-related disorders. This is due to various factors such as work pressure and financial, marital, and family issues. The kind of stress that is a risk for hair loss is more likely to cause.. [Read More]

Anxiety & Stress: It’s Not Just in Your Head

Different people react differently to anxiety. A wide range of factors may also cause it. What you’re planning to do to end it is more essential than where it started. Anxiety is a psychological issue. Therefore, the answer isn’t always “no” when asked whether anxiety is “in your head.” The majority of anxiety symptoms do.. [Read More]

What Are Four Steps To Help You Deal With Workplace Stress?

Workplace stress can harm the way an individual deals with their work. Even something like the wrong workplace design can lead to stress. Unresolved stress can lead to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and even depressed. To avoid letting stress get the best of you, it is important to find ways to deal with it healthily. Luckily, there are.. [Read More]

Reviving Yourself After a Stressful Chapter in Life

There are many great moments to cherish throughout your lifetime, but it is no secret that you will also experience many challenges that can push you to the edge. Stress may be a common part of life that everyone will deal with at one time or another. However, if it is starting to become a.. [Read More]

Ways To Deal With Stress In The Rhythm Of The Constant Race

Ways To Deal With Stress In The Rhythm Of The Constant Race

We are programmed to work in a calm environment, where only occasionally spicy notes of stress slip through. When you feel threatened, the hormone cortisol spikes, your blood sugar rises, your heart rate increases, and your breathing quickens. All this allows you to confront the impending threat. But the body’s settings should return to their.. [Read More]