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Understanding the Core Principles of Solution-Focused Therapy


Solution-focused therapy is a short-term approach that emphasizes the client’s strengths and resources rather than their symptoms or problems. This goal-oriented cognitive therapy is known for its pragmatic, hope-friendly perspective. Practitioners often ask “miracle questions,” prompting clients to imagine their life without the problem they brought into the session. This helps to open the door.. [Read More]

Montrealers Like Shady Elhami Finding Some Normalcy Again

Stirrings of normalcy are greeting Montreal. Patios of restaurants now host conversations, city parks are once again met with the laughter of children as families create memories after an incredibly difficult year and a half. Once a stronghold for the pandemic, Quebec has seen over 375,000 people infected with COVID-19, resulting in over 11,200 deaths… [Read More]

Temporary Change of Address For Business? Learn How To Forward Your Mail Easily

Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash There are many circumstances that force us to change our business address temporarily. It could be an indefinite assignment to another state. It could also be that your current building is being renovated and cannot accommodate any deliveries or tenants. It could also be that you’re traveling. It’s important for any business.. [Read More]

TEN Ways My Life Has Drastically Changed By Owning Horses

  June 2015 our daughter started taking horseback riding lessons – from day one we said we will never buy a horse… September 2015 our son started taking horseback riding lessons – we said we will never buy a horse… December 2015 we started partial leases on two horses – we continued to say we.. [Read More]