Temporary Change of Address For Business? Learn How To Forward Your Mail Easily

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There are many circumstances that force us to change our business address temporarily. It could be an indefinite assignment to another state. It could also be that your current building is being renovated and cannot accommodate any deliveries or tenants. It could also be that you’re traveling. It’s important for any business to keep an official address to maintain credibility, and also for practical reasons. But what happens when you need a temporary change of address?

Thankfully, USPS has clear and easy steps for mail forwarding that you could follow. And this article is just about to show you how.

  1. Head to the USPS official website

The easiest way to update your address is by changing it online via sa the USPS official website. If you go to the website, navigate and find the Track & Manage menu. Under it, click on Change of Address. This will allow you to submit a form indicating your new address. You will be asked to read and acknowledge a privacy act statement before continuing. Make sure that you are making the request personally to avoid any inaccurate information. As it could lead to getting fined and/or imprisoned

  1. Fill out a change of address form

Once you hit the continue button, you will be led to a series of pages containing forms you should fill out to change your address. On the first page you will be asked if your move is a temporary or a permanent one. A forward start date should be indicated so USPS would know when to start forwarding to your new address. An end date is also required. A minimum length of 15 days is required to change your address temporarily. Forwarding periods are usually restricted to 6 months but may be extended for a year.

Since you’re changing a business address, make sure to select Business under the type of move. The next pages will ask for your business name, email address, contact number, and of your old and new addresses. For verification purposes, USPS checks your identity using a credit or debit card. One of the addresses you provided should match the address on file on your credit card company. A small charge of $1 will be debited to your account for this transaction.

Once your identity has been verified, you can set up a payment plan for the forwarding service. Rates vary depending on the duration of use. The longer you need the forwarding service, of course the more you have to pay. If you need to get your mail urgently, you can sign up for a premium service with USPS that costs around $18 per week of use.

  1. Enjoy your mail like you used to!

It’s a relief for any entrepreneur knowing they can get their mail in time wherever they are. It ensures business continuity, and also guarantees you won’t lose any important item that may be left in your mailbox for a long period of time. Temporary address changes are inevitable, but it’s a good thing mail forwarding services exist.


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