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Anthony’s Ribbon Wall Gets An Upgrade With Style And Apply

We have somehow become a “horse” family.  Never in a million years did I think that would happen but here we are – owners of FOUR horses… Not one, not two, not even three – but FOUR!

For me caring for the horses, loving them and occasional trail rides are enough.  Maybe next year I will venture into the world of a Hunter Pace event but I don’t really do much more than that.  I like the horse cuddles and love more than riding them.  The kids however like riding.  Our daughter is a jumper and our son – well he does whatever.  He is autistic and is happy no matter what he does.

Occasionally he does compete in schooling shows and is very proud of his ribbons.  We have them hung above his chalkboard wall that we painted.  However, it is a giant black wall and really lacking for any type of style.  Thanks to Style and Apply – he now has an awesome giant vinyl decal, in orange, that stands out very well on his black chalkboard background.  His ribbons are now highlighted directly above his decal.

Applying the decal is easy – I didn’t get any photos of the application process though because my “photographer” ended up helping me apply the decal.  It was so large that we really needed to keep both sides working at the same time to avoid any mishaps.  If you have never applied a decal before it is an easy process – you just need to take your time and not rip the decal.

First, we laid the entire decal, as it is received, on the kitchen floor and used a can to roll across the entire decal.  This process allows us to pull off the backing while having the decal still stick to the transfer side (sticky side).  We then pulled the backing off very slowly.  The backing is a thick piece of paper – once it is removed you are left with the decal stuck to a tacky transfer page.  Place the full transfer page on to the wall you would like the decal to appear on.  Once it is “stuck” to the wall (kind of like removable clear contact paper) we took the can again and rolled it across the entire image.  This process was initially used to stick the decal to the transfer page.  Using this same process now pushes the decal image off the transfer page and onto the wall.  The last step is to slowly remove the tacky transfer page.  If the decal still sticks to it (remember you are removing it very slowly), simply push it back down, roll the can more thoroughly over that same spot and pull the transfer paper down a little more.  Baby steps…  That is my version of how to apply but you can see their instructional video HERE.

Style And Apply has so many awesome wall decals.  We went with horses for obvious reasons.  Check out this amazing map decal – we almost asked for this one at first because it is totally cool but I just had to stick with a horse theme.

Decals are available for holidays even – what a great way to quickly decorate a wall above a fireplace for Christmas.

About Style and Apply

At Style & Apply they design and create decorative wall decals and wall prints among other leading-edge home decor products.  With over 3,000 different decorative designs they have one of the most extensive collections in the industry!  They have an easy to use website and second-to-none customer service.  The decals have the ability to liven up your living space in an original and affordable way in no time!

Every exclusive design they create is made to order in the color and size of your choosing, in the USA!  They produce, design and market their own products, whether wall decals, wall stickers, murals, full color wall prints, laptop tattoos, wall clocks or window decorations. Their modern equipment and technology guarantees the best product standards that are user friendly and offered at an exceptionally fair price.  Their groundbreaking products are conceived using the utmost sensitivity, skill and ingenuity.

What’s Next?

Now you just need to stop at Style and Apply, select a design, choose a color, size and direction (mirrored or regular).

Looking for a unique gift?  Check out Style and Apply today and have something custom made for your loved ones!

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