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Understanding the Core Principles of Solution-Focused Therapy


Solution-focused therapy is a short-term approach that emphasizes the client’s strengths and resources rather than their symptoms or problems. This goal-oriented cognitive therapy is known for its pragmatic, hope-friendly perspective. Practitioners often ask “miracle questions,” prompting clients to imagine their life without the problem they brought into the session. This helps to open the door.. [Read More]

5 Key Steps To Taking Your Business Into A New Geographic Target Market

Expanding your business to a new territory can be among the most rewarding risks ever. After all, it can help grow your audience with stunning results. And you already have the blueprint to deliver great products or services. Nevertheless, it does come with some challenges. Thankfully, with the right strategy in place, it is possible.. [Read More]

How To Lift Yourself Back Up

The world is changing but addiction has always been an issue.  I am fortunate that it isn’t something I have had to deal with but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been impacted by addiction.  I have three adopted children – one of them was born into an addictive situation and it will impact her forever. .. [Read More]

How To Write Content People Want to Read

    You created a beautiful WordPress blog and chose a nice host for it. You even have really great content ideas that you intend to change your reader’s life with. But one question you haven’t asked yourself is this: What if the intended doesn’t want to read about your life-changing secrets? Your blog will.. [Read More]