3 Reasons a Bike Fit is Essential to Mountain Biking

You love the adrenaline rush, don’t you?

This is what mountain biking is all about. Compared to other bikes a mountain bike enables you to experience challenging terrains and see exhilarating views.

But if you haven’t had a bike fit you’re not getting all you can from this hobby.

What is a Bike Fit?

Modern bike fits incorporate technology to find the ideal riding position for you.

How does it work?

Software takes your build, level of fitness and strength into account. These are used to calculate what position your bike must accommodate to optimize your experience as a rider.

Technology is amazing! But why is this necessary for a simple hobby such as biking?

Because it’s not as simple as you think. And here’s what you need before your next ride.

How One Bike Fit Benefits You

Look at a bike fit as a way of unlocking your potential. You may not know what you’re capable of. To perform optimally you must minimize what’s holding you back and improve your abilities.

A bike fit does this.

1.      A Bike Fit Helps you Pick the Right Bike

Your comfort is determined by the positions your bike accommodates through handle bar set up, saddle height and seat position. Your body is unique to all other people. Do you think one bike design can accommodate everyone?

Investing in a bike fit before you purchase a mountain bike enables you to pick the perfect one. You don’t want to waste money on one that could cause you harm.

2.      Minimize Your Risks

Can a bike cause you harm?

When I get off my bike after a long ride my muscles quickly tell me which ones worked hard during the session. But not all pain is a sign of exercise.

On mountain bikes this is especially true. The strain experienced on a mountain bike trail puts your body at risk. Your muscles also have to absorb a lot of shock.

After a bike fit the new position helps you deal with these challenges better.

A mountain trail ride offers the risk of falling but riders can also damage their bodies through constant unnecessary strain. Muscles and joints can show problems after long term abuse.

Your bike’s setup (fit) determines the level of this abuse.

When a bike fit matches you with the right bike and positioning you’ll experience less back ache, joint pain & numbness. This is your sign your body experiences less unhealthy strain.

3.      Optimize Your Performance

And when your body benefits from the correct bike that offers the most beneficial position you’ll love the results.

My weekend ride is not only about seeing lovely scenery. I push my body to its limits to get fit and perform better. In the right position on my bike I achieve so much more.

Firstly you have much more control over your mountain bike when your shoulders and back are aligned correctly. An enhanced sense of control and balance means you can handle rougher terrains.

Secondly you’ll perform better. Do you know it’s not only about how much power you have? Your bike must accommodate you to express this power.

A bike fit ensures your power is used optimally and can even minimize the fatigue you experience.  This results in higher speeds and for mountain bike trails it allows improved performance on inclines.

Best of all. These features mean you can enjoy your ride more.

[Conclusion]A bike fit is a non negotiable if you really want to enjoy your mountain bike. And it protects your body so you don’t ever have to stop riding.

Why miss out on the benefits of optimized mountain biking? Finding the right bike and fit is relevant whether you enjoy it as a hobby or a serious sport because the risks & effects are the same.

Kick your riding into the next gear through one simple activity.


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