Sick and Tired of Hats All Over The Place? Baseball Cap Rack Has The Solution #hatrack

Are you sick and tired of having your “baseball” style caps all over the place?  OMG I totally am.  Between everyone in our house there must easily be 100 caps and we have gotten rid of many over the years.  We have caps for baseball, caps for souvenirs, caps for the barn and working with the horses/animals – caps for pretty much every occasion.

These caps manage to end up in piles, misplaced, stuffed in corners, on top of dressers etc…  There has got to be a better way!  I have even tried improvising over the years for storage but nothing worked.  In the end we tended to declutter by throwing a bunch out every time.  I take my hats very seriously – you can never have enough hats and you don’t need to be a guy to suffer this problem.

This cap rack holds up to 18 hats and it is easy to install without any tools whatsoever.  It simply hangs over a door and gets secured also at the base of the door.  I no longer need to have them in a box, in a pile or all over the place getting lost.

There is a strap that has clips on it with d-rings on both ends.

These d-rings attached to hooks for the top and the bottom of the door to secure the rack.

These are the clips to attach to the top and bottom of the door.

These hooks (all scrunched together in this photo) get moved to the distance you would like once it is secured on the door.  Then you just start hanging caps!

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