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Life is Like a Piano – Life’s Journey

Life is like a piano – The white keys represent happiness.  The black keys represent sadness.  But as you go through life’s journey – remember the black keys also makes the music.

I can barely play piano – I have taken lessons for quite a while through a couple periods in my adult life but not nearly long enough to be considered a pianist.  I know the keys and can make some music.  Playing the piano I can easily feel all the ups and downs in my life’s journey.  There is so much emotion in music and when you are playing the music you can feel it even more – seriously right through your soul.  I highly recommend music lessons for everyone – especially piano.  I also dabbled in guitar for a long time but never really connected with the guitar.  Give me piano or drums any day of the week over guitar – having said that, my guitars are like my babies and no I will not give you one or sell you one…LOL

Just the process of getting piano lessons has been a journey for sure.

Initially, I started teaching myself piano.  That was way back when my grandmother was still alive.  When she started not feeling well I would call her and play the piano over the phone for her.  I wasn’t good – had never had a lesson, simply used my guitar knowledge to teach myself some.  When my grandmother passed away – I walked away from the piano for years.  I had too many emotions wrapped up in playing it.

Then my oldest daughter took lessons at someone’s home for a couple years and my husband and I also took lessons.  It was a family affair and we loved taking lessons.  At one point we even wanted a grand piano but our house really wasn’t conducive to a grand or baby grand so we bought a spinet – I love it.  Why did we stop taking lessons?  Well, one day the piano teacher’s dog bit my daughter in the face/eye.  Yup.  The piano teacher always told us to stay away from the dog but seriously – she should have had him in another room during her lesson then, especially when the lessons involved children.  My daughter didn’t really do anything to the dog though, she just moved too quickly.  Needless to say we never went back there.

Then my youngest daughter was old enough to start taking lessons and we took lessons at a friends house – the instructor went to her home and we had lessons after they all did.  She was awesome allowing us to participate.  But as life often does – it got in the way of our lessons and their lessons etc… I don’t even remember one particular thing but I have to assume it had to do with us getting horses.  It became very difficult to fit piano lessons into our schedule after work and school and all the barn chores and riding lessons.  Sadly, there is only so much time in a day/week and there is definitely always a shortage of time.

Alas, I sit down every now and then and work on a song but nowhere near as much as I’d like to.

Another great quote is “You can’t touch music, but music can touch you” – John Jesensky has exceptional music and composing abilities.  This quote perfectly defines his abilities.  Check out an interview with John Ross Jesensky and read how he let’s readers know to make money with a music based profession.


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