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Smart Games – Learning and Fun At The Same Time GIVEAWAY

Smart Games is one of our favorite companies for games.  You are always thinking with their games utilizing skills such as spatial insight to pattern recognition, problem solving skills and memory.  The games are multi-level logic games that everyone can play from preschoolers to puzzle pros!  These games can be played alone but can also be awesome fun playing with the family.  AND… their SmartGames have won over 70 awards worldwide!

Last year we had the opportunity to try Quadrillion!  You can see my full review HERE.  We still pull out that game very often.  It is our go to game when my son is in the hospital (which is unfortunately a frequent occurrence with his disability).  He can play it by himself or with others and it is just as much fun either way.  Well this year Smart Games brings us four NEW games for even more fun!

IQ Focus is another great Smart Game – it is a game my daughter loves to play by herself and it gets her off the computer.  Somehow I am sure the skills she is learning with this game and being able to physically touch the pieces are far greater than skills she will learn on her computer.  I am always happy to get her off the computer!

This is considered one of their pocket games.  It is a small portable game in a plastic self carrying case.  The idea is to fit all the puzzle pieces on the gameboard so that the colors of the 9 central squares match what is shown in the challenge.  There are 10 multicolor, multishaped pieces and a booklet with 120 challenges.  My daughter loves trying to come up with her own random challenge and simply fit all the pieces on the board.  Not an easy task and definitely one she takes quite seriously.

Temple Connection is my favorite game because it is 3 dimensional!  With this game you build roads and bridges to link the temples! Can you solve this ancient mystery and place the right roads and bridges on the board to create paths that connect the beautiful temples? Ages 7+ can play this game and there are 80 challenges!  The gist is to connect the three temples using the roads and bridges that are provided.

Snow White is a game that is for children younger than mine (grandchildren…).  The player needs to find Snow White between the wicked witch and the 7 dwarfs. You can play on both sides of the beautiful 3D home. Start from the backside and use logic to find the place of the remaining dwarves, the witch and SnowWhite. Then you can play from the front side. Open and close the doors and windows to check their placement with the solution.   There are 48 challenges as well as a picture book and designed for ages 4-7.

With Jump In the player moves the rabbits (jumping) and foxes (sliding) around the gameboard until all of the rabbits are safe in brown holes. Ages 7+ .  This is the perfect game for travel and includes its own carrying case with 60 challenges.

Move the rabbits (jumping) and foxes (sliding) around the gameboard until all of the rabbits are safe in brown holes.

For us – pocket games are totally awesome.  We travel all the time plus the kids can just throw them in their backpack and share with their friends after school.



One lucky The Stuff of Success reader will win a choice of one of the following:  IQ Focus, Temple Connection, Snow White or Jump In by Smart Games.  The prize will be sent directly to the winner from the sponsor. Please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping.  The giveaway will run until 10/31/17  at 11:59pm EST.  Any taxes or other charges that may be part of the prize are the winner’s sole responsibility.  The giveaway is open to United States residents over age 18.  We reserve the right to cancel any giveaway.  No purchase is necessary. One entry per person per household.  This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.

I received payment, product(s) or services in exchange for an honest opinion.  I only recommend products or services I use personally and/or I believe would be helpful for my readers.  The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.  Your experience with the product(s) or service(s) may differ from mine.

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    Thank you for sharing, I think such smart games are the best way to teach a child something. After all, he will be passionate about the process, gaining new skills and knowledge. And these keyboard games are the best option, as you can help your child master the typing skills

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