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3 Ways To Properly Take Care Of Your Hearing Aid

When you purchase a hearing aid, you do so with the intention of hearing all the sounds perfectly. But if you neglect to take proper care of it, the device may start performing badly and you will have trouble with hearing top quality sound consistently. And if you are thinking of the right way to take care of the hearing aid, then the below tips will surely be of help.

Clear Out The Wax

One of the main reasons why a hearing aid might give lower performance over time is because of its constant contact with earwax. Since it is not possible to keep the device from coming into contact with the earwax, the best thing you can do is to clear out the wax on a daily basis. Just take a soft cloth and wipe out the wax from the microphone and the receiver before you go to bed each night. Your device will also contain a wax filter, which is designed to keep the earwax away from the tiny components inside the hearing aid. As such, if you see a buildup of excess wax in the device’s wax filter, then it is an indication for you to replace it.


If you are not using the device, then it is a good idea to keep the battery doors open so that no moisture gets trapped inside the battery section. The presence of moisture can cause the batteries to corrode quickly, and you will eventually have to replace them with newer batteries. It is also advisable that you clean the batteries regularly so that no dirt accumulates on them. This ensures that they will perform in top condition.

Be Wary Of Moisture

In addition to causing damage to batteries, moisture can also be destructive to the internal circuitry of the hearing aid. As such, ensure that you are not wearing the device in situations where your head is in constant contact with water, like when showering or swimming. And even though some hearing aids might advertise themselves as waterproof, it is advisable that you follow this practice to ensure that there is no chance of any moisture getting inside the devices. Plus, if the device does come into contact with water, then take a dry cloth and wipe out the moisture immediately. Never try to dry the device using things like a hair drier since the hot air can damage the internal components.

So, make sure that you use the above tips to take care of your hearing aid, and the device will not only perform better but will also last for a longer time. And if any complications arise, remember to get it checked by an expert as soon as possible.



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