iDitto®: KickStarter Hot Kit for iPhone #iDitto

What is this little gadget?  It’s cute, compact and clearly for an phone – but what is it?

iDitto is SO MUCH!  What would you like from your iPhone?  iDitto has the answers!

Lightning cable: Functioning identically to a Lightning cable, iDitto allows you to charge your iPhone on the go as well as being able to sync with iTunes whenever.  Okay so if you are going to have a device – it must be able to help charge your phone – it just has to!  There is no greater need than to keep your iPhone charged.

USB drive: While allowing the iPhone to sync with iTunes, at the same time,  iDitto will simultaneously function as a USB drive.  This is totally cool – all syncing woes GONE!

MicroSD reader: Access MicroSD from your drone and camera.  All those action camera videos?  No problem with the iDitto!

iPhone stand: Their patented design allows the cover to easily transform into a stand.   I know I never have a stand when I want one.  How can I make all those YouTube videos without a proper stand?  I can’t – but with iDitto I CAN!

Data Sync: iDitto is the only device on the market that offers Data sync!  What a totally cool feature!




This little device can store up to 100 HD movies, 30,000 songs, 100,000 photos and more.  Get those videos and photos off your phone without deleting them and losing them!  it is all secure with password and touch ID encryption.

It is comfortable, flexible and made out of a very convenient silicone.  I can easily charge my phone from my laptop with this convenient charging system.  I am carrying my iDitto with me at all times!  You could be too – CHECK IT OUT!

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