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Top 3 Trends Making Working From Home Easier Than Ever

Working from home has grown increasingly popular over the last couple of years — and no, it’s not just for millennials! Job hunters are finding themselves searching for jobs that are in line with the emerging technology and employers are looking to hire global employees who can increase both productivity and profits. So, work-from home jobs seem to be win-win for everyone. As our society continues to blossom with new innovative technology, the workforce is changing right along with it. Find out the top trends changing the way people think about jobs and choose their next career moves.


Many companies are allowing their employees to work from home and here’s why. Studies have shown that telecommuting optimizes employee productivity. Working from home gives employees the opportunity to still work from the comfort of their own home when they are sick, have an emergency to attend to, or simply need to a change of scenery. Having a work-life balance is optimal for an employee’s mental and physical health. Instead of being chained to a desk for 40 hours a week, employees are free to have a more flexible schedule without the pressures of a traditional work environment. Working from home also saves employees time and money — employees don’t have to commute to and from work and they save on gas money, and other work expenses like work clothes, dry cleaning and lunch.

Technology-Based Freelance Opportunities

While companies are providing their employees with more work-from-home options, there are plenty of full-time remote positions available as well. Remote jobs have become increasingly popular in industries like real estate, human resources and finance where most of their work is done via phone or online. Other freelance sites like FlexJobs allows job seekers to find freelance and part-time work like blog writing or social media content creating.

With the world becoming more tech-driven, there is a greater need for technology-based jobs. The demand for filling jobs like coding, transcribing, translating and digital marketing are on the rise. It’s estimated that within the next few years, almost all companies will be technology-based, requiring most if not all work to be done using the internet or some other technological device.

Selling Products From Home

In addition, direct sales platforms for example make it easy for stay-at-home moms, millennials and first-time entrepreneurs to earn a steady income while working from home. Companies like Amway allow employees to build their own business at their own pace. What sets companies like Amway apart from the rest is the flexibility to sell products and earn money anywhere in the world. Unlike other direct sales companies, there is no “pyramid scheme,” your income is based off of how much you sell and how much time you put into your work. You’re free to make money anytime, anywhere and that’s what employers are finding to be an employee’s top priority these days.

Innovation doesn’t just happen inside an office, soon freelancers and remote employees will become the majority in the U.S. According to CNN Money, almost 4 million workers in the U.S. were working at least 50 percent of the time in 2015, which is an increase from less than 2 million workers in the the last decade. As these trends continue to grow, employees will be looking for companies that provide them with the flexibility and opportunity to work from home while making and saving the most money.

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