How to be an Amazing Parent

Become parent is a great feeling and happiest experience of life. But, some miss steps and misunderstandings may spoil your sweet memories. In this purpose, you have to be conscious about some matters to do with your children. For several reasons we do not get much time to spend with our children, though it is very important. We must try to spend time with our children. Here I am going to suggest you some important things to do and not to do with your children.

So, keep reading with care and try to follow them to become an amazing parent.

Keep yourself fit:  

You must keep yourself fit. If you are not being serious about your body, you will face trouble for sure. Because, a sound body will keep you cheer and you will feel happy to spend time with your children. To keep your body fit, you can choose a fitness machine like elliptical machine. It will help you to save your time.

Be a good role model:

Children like to follow a role model, and maximum time they follow their parents. So, behave with them with softness and care.

Set them clear limits:

You must set your children a clear limit of their attitude and work. It will help them to avoid bad things and they will inspire to maintain a limit and routine. Again, as they are getting instruction, they will be happy to perform their duties.

Support your children:

Children like to get support from their parents. At first they follow you and then others. So you must support them with their good jobs and inspire them to do such jobs again and again.

Use a diaper bag:

Using a diaper bag is an essential option to be an amazing parent. As you can arrange your all essential things on a backpack diaper bag so, it will be very helpful for them to learn arrangement. Again, a diaper bag will help you to carry all of your baby’s things at a time!

Try to know your child’s personality:

You must behave with your children as their personality. For that, you have to try to know their personality. Also, if any negative things you get on their personality, you can solve them.

Treat your child with respect:

We must treat our children with respect. If we respect them then they will learn to respect others. Try to speak with a soft voice with them and never hit on their personality.

Praise your children:

You must praise your baby’s good jobs and give them inspiration.

Give them time:

Try to spend enough time with your children. It will help you both to understand each other.

Read books with them:

Books are the store house of knowledge. To improve your baby’s knowledge you can read good books with them. You must explain the book properly to them.

Teach your children to be independent:

If you do not want to make your children dull then teach them to be independent. It will help them to build up their future without being dependent.

Here are some other important options to do with your children:

  • Avoid harsh discipline
  • Try to understand them
  • Teach your baby to sign
  • Enforce reasonable rules
  • Love your children equally
  • Make time for your children
  • Respect your child’s privacy
  • Explain your rules and decisions
  • Give your child love and affection
  • Tell them how to be a good person
  • Avoid comparing your children to others
  • Tell them how to be a responsible citizen
  • Allow your kids to experience life for themselves

Here is list of what not to do with your children:

  • Do not leave them alone
  • Do not say “NO” straightly
  • Do not try to fix everything
  • Do not call them a bad boy/girl
  • Do not tell them not to talk to you
  • Do not give them any bad example
  • Do not avoid or neglecting your Children
  • Do not tell them to be like their brother/sister
  • Do not speak like that- let daddy come, and I will tell

To have the happiest moment with your child please try to follow all the entire suggestions.


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  1. James says:

    This list is fantastic for learning how to be a good parent. I completely agree with your viewpoints. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us.

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