Take The Jump – Make a Difference #JumpForKids

Most of us can likely conjure up a few decidedly positive or negative images based on the phrases “rise and shine”, “early to bed, early to rise”, or “So-and-so woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” But what if you had no point of reference with which to understand the subtleties of these phrases? What if simple joys like snuggling under warm covers or enjoying a good night’s sleep were not familiar to you? Unfortunately, this is the case for many needy children in our midst. Nearly one in 30 kids in the United States faces the brutal reality of homelessness, not having the certainty of a next meal or even the solace of a comfortable bed on which to rest. This seems even more tragic when one realizes society as we know it is expecting that same child amongst the 30 to play sports, learn, and engage normally with all of his or her pals.

In order to combat this crisis, Puffy (Puffy Mattresses) seeks to pay the good sleep forward with its “Jump For Kids” social media campaign. Puffy is the comfort specialist when it comes to direct-to-consumer matress-in-a-box sets.

Do you remember how thrilling (and possibly dangerous) it was to jump around on your bed as a kid? The idea is to recreate this type of moment and post a photo of you or your friend/loved one jumping on a bed with #jumpforkids. Also tag three or more friends and challenge them to complete the same jump photo challenge. For every 100 posts tagged #jumpforkids, Puffy will donate a mattress to shelters that support homeless youth. It’s that simple and that fun to help another human being.

Puffy believes that every child deserves the chance to enjoy the comforting and restorative powers of quality sleep. You can help Puffy reach their goal of providing a bed for every child in need while also raising awareness about the positive effects of fitful sleep on children in terms of education and during their developmental stages. Take to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram today with the #jumpforkids. It’s social media engagement for the greater good and a direct pay-off for a child in need. Jump on this opportunity!

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