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8 Harmful Chemicals in Dishwashing Liquid and How To Avoid Them

1. Phosphates

2. Triclosan

3. Fragrance

4. Chlorine

5. Formaldehyde

6. Ammonia

7. Silicate Salts

8. Sulfuric Acid

Some combination of these ingredients are found in most conventional dishwashing liquids.  How do you avoid exposing your family to these chemicals?

We rely on Lemon Brite Dishwashing Liquid from Melaleuca.  Lemon Brite is powered by biodegradable, naturally derived grease-cutting agents, this ultra-concentrated dish detergent quickly breaks down food to save you scrubbing time at the sink.

Lemon Brite cuts grease and breaks down food quickly and thoroughly, with gentler, naturally derived, biodegradable cleaning agents. Lemon Brite also contains naturally derived citric acid in this gentler and eco-friendly formula.

Eco-Friendly Choice For Less

Lemon Brite’s ultra-concentrated formula saves you money and saves plastic from the landfill. Naturally derived cleaning agents power through grease and tough stuck on food without the use of caustic ingredients so it’s safer for your home and the environment. With its recyclable bottle and biodegradable ingredients, caring for your environment has never been easier.
Available in Original (Lemon), Apple, Tropical and Cranberry Spice.  My absolute favorites are Apple and Cranberry Spice!
Check out Lemon Brite HERE and email me at TheStuffofSuccess at gmail dot com if you’d like to set up a shopping account.

About Melaleuca

In 1985, a company called Melaleuca, Inc. became the first to bring the healing, soothing powers of essential Melaleuca Alternifolia oil to people all over the world.With more than 450 products to choose from that are better for your home, safer for your environment, higher quality, better value and provides solutions for today’s major medical problems, it would take more than three years for an average Preferred Member to try all of our products just once. And that’s not including all of the varieties in flavors, formulas, sizes, and shades.

From time to time, Melaleuca will introduce new products in addition to those we sell today. This is the result of our relentless pursuit of new, innovative ideas to help improve your life. It is the fruit of our scientists’ labors. Whether an advancement in one of our existing products, or something entirely new, these products are always worth trying.

Every product has been developed and manufactured to stand out from the competition. Each must be superior in a very clear and relevant way to the products you might otherwise use. That means they are researched, refined, and scrutinized before they ever go to market. Melaleuca Preferred Members deserve only the best. And that is exactly what Melaleuca is committed to providing.

Melaleuca reaches households around the world – Customers worldwide shop from the United States, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore, China, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

Personal Experience With Melaleuca

I have been shopping with Melaleuca for decades.  I did leave for a little while but quickly returned.  There are no other products, with so many great choices that help through every day living.  Melaleuca offers more than 450 products with products for every aspect of our life.  The products are amazing, high quality and I stand behind them 100%.  Not many companies survive as long as Melaleuca has and they are growing in leaps and bounds.

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