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Felt Letter Board With A Wooden Stand #JustFeltRight

Now what in the world could I use a Felt Letter Board With a Wooden Stand?  OMG – absolutely anything.  I am so incredibly excited about this product and all I can do with it.  Of course, not only can I do so much with it – but the kids are going to have a blast with it.  I can even bring it to work for fun signage at small events.

In this day and age – where everything seems to be digital or computerized – I love the retro look of this wood crafted letter board.  Today is my husband’s birthday – what better way to wish him a Happy Birthday than to have a huge sign as soon as he comes out of the bedroom.  It’s like our very own billboard!

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This sign can be used in my blogging photos or videos, announcing first day of school photos, birthday photos and more.  It can easily help to broadcast milestones.  I can bring it to work and surprise my staff with fun messages.

There are 290 letters, numbers, characters and punctuation so we can do quite a bit with that.  Common letters are more abundant to make sure you don’t run out.  The felt backing is beautiful and 100% high quality felt that is soft and luxurious yet durable enough to handle the constant changes to the sign.  The felt is a nice deep black to provide the perfect contrast to the bright white letters.

My favorite feature is absolutely how portable it is.  I can use it at home, at the campground, at work, at the barn, at equestrian shows and so much more.

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