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From Instant Pot To Dinner – 25 Minutes!

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Yup totally in love with the Instant Pot.  I have struggled with dinner for two years now on weeknights.  We get out of work and school and run to the barn to care for the horses, ride, etc… By the time we get home at night it is often 7:30-8pm.  By then no one can cook – we would often stop for fast food – fact of our circumstances.

But lately I have been playing with the Instant Pot.  I can stop at home before going to the barn.  This particular dinner literally took 2 minutes to throw together and 25 minutes later – dinner was done.

All I did was throw half a bag of frozen mixed vegetables into the Instant Pot.  I add in Orrington Farms broth based powder  rather than liquid chicken broth – so much more tasty and delicious.

Place 2 chicken breasts on top, cover with water up to the “3” in the canister and close the Instant Pot.  Literally, 2 minutes or less.

I press the meat/stew button and set it for 25 minutes.  Then I can run to the barn, do our chores etc… and it will be ready when I get back.  I take the chicken breasts out, shred them and throw that all back in.  Ready to eat.  In my soup I also added egg noodles because I had some leftover from the night before.

Now, it cooks for 25 minutes but the pressure has to build in the Instant Pot first.  That also takes some time – I didn’t calculate it but I think it took around 20 minutes.

Easy as can be and we don’t have to resort to fast food, macaroni and cheese etc…


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