How To Get Toned Legs in 30 Days

Maybe you want to fit into the new dress you got for New Year. Maybe it’s a wedding you have to look your absolute best at. Whatever your reasons, you’ve set yourself a short target and a small time frame. One month, thirty days for toned legs. Is it possible? Yes, it is. Here’s how.

  1. Do those squats- we mean it. According to nothing tones legs as well as those squats do. And that’s why you can’t read a single article about toning your legs without being told that you need to do those squats. They work on your core muscles and your legs and when you add resistance bans or weights to the routine, you get a lot more out of it. If you’re new, hold on to a table or some piece of furniture till you get your balance. The way the squat is designed helps the entire body, not just the legs, so that’s a neat little bonus right there. The squat is great for the thighs and the butt.
  2. Think about what you eat- you are what you eat and if you want to tone your legs, you need to eat right. Not just to lose weight but also to build energy and stamina- essential elements of an active life. Take a cold hard look at your diet and remove what doesn’t work- no snacking on bars of chocolate and fizzy drinks. No indulgence in fried food and fast food. No sweet overdose with cake, pie and cookies. It may sound boring but it’s not. Switch out all your unhealthy options to healthy choices. Think dry fruit and nuts in small quantities. Think low fat, less salt, lean protein and good oils. You should also consider reducing red meat and looking at fish and other meats as healthy choices. Salads and soups are filling and don’t add on too many calories as well.
  3. Bring in exercise into your everyday life- when you’re physically active, focusing on exercises to tone any part of your body becomes relatively easier to do. Take the stairs whenever you can, go for walks with friends, hike in the hills, or spend a day on the beach playing volleyball and Frisbee. Anything that adds a healthy routine to your day is welcome. Sometimes as simple as a combination of dumbbell lifts, push-ups, squats and chin ups can show results.
  4. Build endurance-if you want to stay consistent in your work out plans, then you need to build endurance and stamina. Some basic exercise is important here. Take a few hours out of your schedule each day and get it done.
  5. Effective exercise moves-plants, squats, burpees, monkey arms are all helpful exercises to tone legs.
  6. There’s no such thing as spot reduction- do keep in mind that toning of one limb or one part of the body does not work. You’ll need to think about the overall toning of the entire body. And that’s way better than just toned legs. Work on your entire being for your well-being.

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