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What to Look For In a New Church

What was your most prevailing emotion during moving? Even though I didn’t know what the future held, my excitement kept me going.

But challenges were sure to come.

I am a religious person and looking for the right San Diego Christian Church was important. Is this high on your priority list too?

I won’t lie, the search was difficult. To help you I put together a list of important features to look for. If you find these, I’m sure you’ll eventually feel at home in your new community.

A Church with a Culture of Community

A church needs to practice the Bible’s teachings every day. And isn’t that all about caring for each other? Ask yourself how you feel on your first visit. The leaders and congregation should welcome you with open arms.

Yes, I found a church that does just that. During my first church attendance, people figured out I was new. Afterward people came to me, showing interest and making me feel welcome.

And what’s the best about this? They will make your new home town feel like you’ve been there forever. These were the people who showed me the best places to shop, look for medical care, and even where to take my pets.

It’s Not about You

And what happens after you’ve settled in? Is the church only focused on the congregation or do they reach out to the community at large?

Apart from helping us live a more holy life, church leaders must help us be the light to others on earth. Does the new church have activities that facilitate outreaches to others such as orphans or the sick?

My pastor helps us realize we can’t always be selfish and only do what we want. Yes, sometimes I need to be reprimanded and reminded of this. Make sure your church helps you stay in line with God’s teachings.

At the end of the service, I always feel motivated to help the needy. That’s the best way to start my week. Don’t we all look for purpose? I love that my church helps me find this.

There should also be Church Fundraising programs – you want to make sure your church can thrive.
Getting involved in a fundraising project is a great way of going the extra mile to show your solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world. Church fundraising events such as the scratch off fundraiser and cookie dough fundraiser programs are great opportunities to socialize and really get to know people.

The Location

A church’s location can give you an idea of what you’ll find inside. Is the one you’re considering near retirement homes or universities? The support groups may be centered on these age groups. Will that suffice for your family’s needs?

And be practical. If the church is far away from you you’ll struggle to attend gatherings and miss out on many experiences.

But don’t make the mistake I did of believing the nearest church is the best either. Travel a few streets further and discover a new community. This makes your experience in your new town more diverse so you know you don’t miss out on anything. If not, and in a position to organise the necessary resources, a church can always be planned and built so that your community can use it. For more information, you can visit Churches By Daniels.

What Is The Main Source of Preaching?

Do you feel comfortable with the way the message is put together?

Church leaders focus on different aspects of the Christian lifestyle. For me, I trust pastors that use the Bible as their first source of inspiration. I’ve also seen congregations focusing more on miracles than the written Word. Personally, I find this makes me uncomfortable.

And please don’t force me to see everything the way you do. I believe I’m allowed freedom in the way I think and search for answers myself.

What is important to you? Find leaders who will help you experience more of that.

Look at the Church’s Credibility

You may think all churches have the people’s interests at heart. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Don’t feel bad at researching congregations. With many stories of people twisting the Bible’s teachings and leaders abusing their authority, you have the right to be informed.

As about the church’s approach to finances and how the leadership is kept accountable. This will give you peace of mind that your donations will be used appropriately.


Yes, this is a lengthy process. But who wants to hop between churches for years to come? Apply these tactics when you arrive in your new town and you’ll be happy for as long as you’re there.

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