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Let’s Talk About Barn Fire Safety

Sad to say but lately there have been some barn fires in our area.  In one – all the horses in that barn perished from smoke inhalation and in the other – the barn was lost but the horses were spared.  This is all so scary.  Our horses are boarded and there are people who live on the property so I hope and pray that if something ever happens, the horses can be spared also.  But there are alot of horses on the property in two separate barns.  I try not to put too much thought into the “what could happen”. has a nice checklist to keep on hand but I am summarizing it here.

  • Make sure heat lamps and space heaters are kept a nice distance away from anything that can burn
  • Any heater should be on a sturdy surface so they cannot fall over
  • Electrical equipment should be labeled for agricultural or commercial use
  • All wiring should be free from damage

  • Extension cords should not be used in the barn
  • All lightbulbs should have covers to protect them from dust, moisture and breakage
  • Any damage is identified quickly and repairs are completed with safety in mind
  • Dust and cobwebs around electrical outlets and lights should be removed
  • Oily rags are stored in a closed metal container, away from heat

  • Feed, hay, straw, and flammable liquids are stored away from the barn(s)
  • The barn is a smoke-free zone
  • If you have any concerns it is best to work with Austin Fire Watch Guard Services to keep an eye on everything
  • Exits are clearly marked and pathways are clear
  • Fire drills happen frequently with everyone who frequently uses the barn
  • Workers are trained to use fire extinguishers
  • Everyone in the barn knows personal safety is a priority if a fire breaks out
  • Hazard checks take place on a set schedule

What kind of equipment does the barn need?

  • ABC type fire extinguishers near every exit and within 50 feet from any point in the barn
  • Fire alarm system
  • Sprinkler system
  • Carbon monoxide detection system

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