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5 Things We Love Most About Bulldogs

Bulldogs are always included in the top ten lists of the most popular dogs. Their unique facial structure along with their square faces and that underbite have endeared them to many dog lovers around the world. While some may be deterred with the snoring that is also a characteristic of a bulldog, there is so much more to this breed than meets the eye.

Check out some of the things that make the bulldog one of the best pets to have around.

  1.    They are very social dogs – we all know that dogs are already naturally sociable animals, but the bulldog takes that even further. In the past, they were actually bred to fight bulls for sport, and even though people seem to have the mindset that bulldogs are a lazy lot, they are actually tenacious and very extroverted. They love to socialize. Expect that when you are at a public place, your bulldog will want to socialize, and you just might find yourself getting a new friend because of your pet.
  2.    They do not need a lot of exercise – if you are not the type of person who likes to be physically active, the bulldog may be the perfect breed for you. Most dogs will need to be walked, and some breeds require some form of exercise to keep them happy and healthy. If you do not like jogging or running, you’ve found the perfect match in the bulldog. They are perfectly happy just being inside the house, and you might even find it difficult to get them to move from their favorite spot.
  3.    They can be good watchdogs – bulldogs are truly loyal and devoted to their owners. They do not like it when there are intruders in their territory and they will risk their lives and take on opponents that bigger than themselves just to protect. Just look through YouTube and you’ll be sure to find some bulldogs even taking on a bear just to protect their territory!
  4.    They are great with kids – if you have kids, bulldogs are the perfect breed. Some dogs may become too excited, and even though they do not mean to, they might cause an injury to a little child. Because bulldogs are very easy going, they can put up with a lot and will even be able to withstand your toddler dressing him or her up in a fancy tutu or some other weird ensemble.
  5.    They are very laid back – there’s nothing like chilling on your couch at the end of a very stressful day and just watching your favorite movie or TV series. If you want the perfect companion to binge watch Netflix with, go get a bulldog. With their laid-back nature, they will be more than happy to accompany you while you become a couch potato for the night.

So if you want a dog that’s easygoing and sociable, don’t hesitate to get a bulldog. Check out for more information and to get started on finding the perfect bulldog for you and your family.


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