Cleaning Dryer Vents Saves Money—And 3 Other Reasons Not to Ignore This Task

You’re always trying to balance your budget, right? And sometimes we miss the most obvious—and easiest—ways of doing this. And in your laundry room is another one you’ve missed.

I know laundry is your least favorite task around the house. And most people hate ironing and folding as much as I do. But you’ll feel less annoyed when you see how a few tweaks to your laundry process actually benefit your home.

Here’s how.

It Really Saves You Money

Saving ranks high on my list of priorities when I make decisions for our home. Every bit of money I save can be used to treat my family.

So imagine my joy when I realized these helpful facts. Regarding dryer vent cleaning, Ventura experts advised me to regularly clean mine to save on expenses. At first I thought it was a marketing scheme. But then I saw the results.

The moment a machine functions under strain it will:

  • Take longer to do its job
  • Use more energy because it requires more power to keep performing at a certain level

And this has long term and short term consequences for you.

Don’t Pay Too Much for Utilities

When dust, debris and lint clog your dryer’s vent it can’t perform well. It will take longer to dry your clothes and use more energy.

Cut your utility bills instantly by simply cleaning that vent.

Don’t Purchase a New Dryer

When a machine has to work too hard it wears out. But why purchase a new machine every few years if maintenance will help them last longer?

Regular cleaning means your machine functions with less resistance.

And no more drying the same bundle of clothing over and over. It will dry the clothes on the first try so it won’t run as many cycles as before.

Now you’re extending your dryer’s life span.

Your Favorite Shirt Will Last Longer

A few other life spans you can extend is your clothes’. Drying your clothes already does some damage because there’s a lot of friction between clothes and fibers inside a dryer.

But temperatures escalate when your vents are clogged and this heat isn’t beneficial to most fibers.

High temperatures also prevent clothes from drying quickly. Therefore you’ll have to put the bundle in for another cycle.

Stop these problems from intensifying each other by simply removing one complication.

You Save Time

Saving time is a direct result of using your dryer effectively:

  • Cycles can be shorter
  • You’ll get more clothing dry on washing day
  • A clean machine gives you fewer operating problems

You’re Protecting Your Family

The reasons listed above are important. But what is more vital than what you can offer your family? And a simple machine such as a dryer can be impacting their lives in ways you haven’t thought of.

No More Allergies

Your dryer was designed to fulfill a certain purpose. Part of this is to remove all dust and moisture from clothing.

But do you know of a faultless machine?

Over time allergens, moisture and dust accumulate:

  • Clogged vents prevent air, moisture and dust to travel all the way out
  • Damp clothes spark the growth of allergens
  • These allergens will accumulate on the side of the vents

And where do these allergens end up? It can contaminate your clothing and the air in your home. Is this the reason your children keep getting sick?

Keep Your Home Safe

I don’t want you to be paranoid about using handy home appliances. But certain risks are real. The lint accumulating in your dryer vent can easily ignite. Many of the fibers are synthetic and they’re so fine it only takes a spark to start a house fire.

Did you know 28% of residential fires start in dryers? Make sure your home doesn’t become part of the statistics.

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