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The Health Benefits of Quilting & Sewing

Just like its sewing counterpart, quilting can be a wonderful a hobby to delve into. From crafting a beautiful quilt you could use to warm your loved ones, to weaving a comfortable, yet alluring blanket you can lie on, quilting has had a proud history of bringing people together. While quilting is a bit archaic, it is a popular pastime for anyone, and thrives even to this day. However, it’s because of this popularity that many people have started to take a closer look at the health benefits.

Similar to sewing, because of its repetitive nature, quilting helps calm us down, similar to sewing. What’s more, quilting can also have an array of challenges for us to solve, such as calculating different lengths for your quilt, what the best designs are, and how big your design should be. By doing these challenges, you can stimulate your brain to where you’re actively thinking about your quilt, and how you can overcome these challenges. As with sewing, quilting can also make you more happy. Similar hormones, such as dopamine, flood your brain, and the more dopamine you have, the less likely you will be affected by depression.

While making a quilt by hand can be a great way to relax, it can also be incredibly tedious. It’s why quilting machines are used. The best quilting machines allows you to create large projects that you might not be able to with sewing. Quilt sewing machines also work with a wide variety of fabrics, and by doing so, will prevent the fabric from getting stuck. Some of the best sewing machines include the Janome 6500P and the Singer 7469Q.

While quilting may be considered a bit more extravagant than sewing, nevertheless, quilting has similar benefits to sewing. With its health benefits, as well as the plentiful array of machines you can choose from, quilting can certainly give you something to look forward to.

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