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Outerdo Camping Sleeping Bag #CampingSleepingBag

So all my life I thought a sleeping bag was a sleeping bag.  Simply a big bag that you unzipped and slid into for warmth and rest while camping (or just plain hanging out at home and having fun).  But this sleeping bag is revolutionary and changes the entire world of camping and sleeping bags.

Sure this starts as a nice rolled up sleeping bag – it compresses very well into a nice comfortable, easy to carry sleeping bag with its own bag.  It is very light weight – no strain at all to carry. But check out all the orange zippers – those are there for a reason.  They make this sleeping bag the most versatile, necessary piece of camping gear.

The legs separate into actual legs – like a snow suit!  The legs can be left open or zipped up closed individually.  The hood can tighten to keep drafts out and there are zippered arm holes for complete freedom of movement.

The filling is a nice soft imitation silk filling.  This is not designed for extreme cold but definitely perfect for those Spring or Fall evenings and nights when you need something to keep you nice and toasty.  It is a human shaped design which allows for perfect comfort while sleeping and hanging out by the fire.  It has a mummy design for sleeping and an opened up design to be used while awake.

I was nervous it may be too small for my son who is about 5’9″ and 150 pounds but nope it is completely perfect for him.  Best gift ever for the outdoorsy person in your life.

Purchase your Outerdo Camping Sleeping Bag HERE

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