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Half Dome Sleeping Bag – The Perfect Camping Accessory #FindHalfDome

Welcome to the Half Dome Sleeping Bag – The Perfect Camping Accessory!  Do you ever go camping?  Sleep on the damp ground with no cushioning or comfort whatsoever?  Then this is just what you need. This sleeping bag fits nicely and compactly into its carrying bag.  When out of the bag it is 87×31.5 inches – plenty.. [Read More]

Outerdo Camping Sleeping Bag #CampingSleepingBag

So all my life I thought a sleeping bag was a sleeping bag.  Simply a big bag that you unzipped and slid into for warmth and rest while camping (or just plain hanging out at home and having fun).  But this sleeping bag is revolutionary and changes the entire world of camping and sleeping bags… [Read More]