KabelDirekt Pro Series Y Stereo Splitter

My kids are a little older now but that does not stop them from bickering about EVERYTHING!  One of their favorite things to bicker about is anything in a long car ride.  We travel alot – pretty much every single weekend.  We are always either traveling for fun or for horse shows.  While traveling we often have the kids watch a DVD player in the car.  It passes the time quickly – in theory.

However, there is no peace with one DVD player.  Neither child can hear the DVD player and they jockey for position to be the closest.  Headphones solve the problem for one child but then the other cannot hear anything at all.

KabelDirekt has the solution with their Pro Series Y Stereo Splitter.  Now all they need to do is plug the splitter into the DVD player.  The cable then splits and allows the children to each wear their own headphones and connect to the splitter.  They don’t need to sit on top of one another; they can still both see the DVD player; and the fights cease!

This splitter helps to keep nice sound quality so neither child feels they have gotten the “raw end of the deal”.  They can both enjoy their time in the car now with no issue.  The only question is what movie to watch!  It isn’t just about the movies though – they are now old enough that they enjoy their music and they enjoy sharing their favorite music with one another.  What better way than to have a splitter for their headphones!

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