TRUE – Prostate Cancer Foundation True Caregiver Stories #TrueCampaign

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12 Responses

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    This is such an awesome thing for them to be doing, I bet there are some interesting stories to be heard here.

  2. Nicole says:

    This is an amazing thing that they’re doing. It’s so true that cancer is a part of everyday lives. My grandfather had prostate cancer and thankfully overcame it, but there are many that don’t. This is great to know, thanks for sharing.

  3. This seems like a great thing for the Prostate Cancer Foundation to do. I did not know 1 in 9 men get prostate cancer, that’s awfully sad.

  4. Wendy Polisi says:

    My grandpa and uncle had this. I am really happy to see this being done.

  5. daria says:

    Wonderful thing for them. I was not aware of the statistics, feel very sorry for those who suffer from this.

  6. Ashley says:

    My great grandfather had this but thankfully beat it. I am on my husband all the time about keeping up on check-ups. It’s a scary cancer!

  7. Jennifer Rollins says:

    This is such a great thing for them to do. I have lost several loved ones to cancer. My grandpa actually just finished his radiation for prostate cancer. Thankfully they found it really early!

  8. Farrah Less says:

    My heart goes to cancer patient and to their family who never loss hope for their love ones. Each stories need to be heard and share.

  9. Becca Wilson says:

    So many feel like they can not share a cancer unless it is brain or something worse. I love that there is a platform for this.

  10. Garf says:

    I was not aware of the statistics. I know someone in the family who suffer prostate problems.

  11. Blair villanueva says:

    Thanks for sharing their initiative. They have stories to tell and we need to be aware of this prostate cancer.

  12. Jelena says:

    Both my parents survived cancer. The father had kidney cancer and had to take the whole kidney to remove him, while my mother had a cancer of the uterus. That is why I have great compassion for these people and their families.

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