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TRUE – Prostate Cancer Foundation True Caregiver Stories #TrueCampaign

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This Valentine’s season, the Prostate Cancer Foundation will be launching TRUE to celebrate and honor caregivers of prostate cancer patients – spouses, partners, nurses, doctors, children, friends, etc.

Cancer in general is a terrible disease.  I still consider myself quite young but have seen so much loss due to cancer in my lifetime and so much so it seems in the last ten years.  Cancer does not discriminate.  As I write this I know of one year old twins who have been recently diagnosed with cancer, very recent losses of some young women, more senior individuals who have lost the battle and thankfully – I know many survivors who are still here to tell their stories.  It can be overwhelming.

As with the variety of individuals, so is there what seems to be endless types of cancer.

For a variety of reasons including the stigma associated with a prostate cancer diagnosis and a general lack of knowledge about the disease.  This stigma and lack of knowledge leads to many challenges for patients and their caregivers.  This can lead to lonely patients and caregivers who feel like they don’t have support.  The Prostate Cancer Foundation is striving to share TRUE inspirational stories of the people who live TRUE love everyday by providing care to men to help everyone feel supported, appreciated and not so isolated.

Cancer plays a huge role in our lives.  We are a multigenerational household.  When we bought our house we built an apartment for my inlaws.  My father in law has had once cancer diagnosis after another for the last 15 years.  He is still with us thankfully and always bounces back.  He is not independent and needs more support than my mother in law is able to provide these days.  There are physical, mental and emotional aspects that need to be managed on a daily basis.

My father in law is still with us.  My father was not as fortunate.  He also had one cancer diagnosis after another.  He started with prostate cancer and worked hard, as hard as any person could, to fight and prevail.  But soon, the cancer came back elsewhere in his body.  Again, he fought.  And again, and again.  Last year, at this time, he was losing the battle.  The cancer had entered his bones, his brain and everything hit quickly.  He was given 6 months to live – and made it 6 weeks.  We could not have asked anything else of him.  He fought valiantly, relentlessly and gracefully.  1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, which could be you or your father, brother, husband, son, etc.

So that is our story – I can’t exactly call it my story.  I am not the star.  My father in law and father are heroes.  I can’t say it any other way.   The Prostate Cancer Foundation would love you to share your story on the TRUE campaign’s website so these stories and caregivers can be honored during the month of February. One winner will even receive a curated care package from Kristen Bell, but all will receive a gift.

Submit your TRUE love & honor story about those who care for men with prostate cancer for a chance to win a special care package from Kristen Bell. Read all the amazing stories at

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