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Digging Yourself Out Of Poverty By Learning New Skills

Most Americans would end up in trouble if an unexpected bill landed on their lap. We don’t have savings and it’s going to cripple people. Even though it’s easy to think otherwise, we’re living so close to the poverty line you can almost touch it.

We live in the age of computers, so it shouldn’t be this way. Everyone should be learning skills they can rely on when there are no other options available. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. Here are a few skills you can spend your time mastering.

1. Start Learning How To Code

Do you know how many people want to come up with the next billion-dollar app? It’s hard to say because there are far too many of them, but most have one thing in common. They don’t know anything about developing software.

If you were to offer software development services lots of people would take you up on it. You would build a decent client base pretty quickly. There is lots of money in it for those with fairly good skills.

2. Use Your Graphic Design Skills

Even if you are a great artist life is usually tough. Nobody would want your paintings in their galleries. If you didn’t mind tattooing for a living you could open up your own parlor and build a reputation.

Now you just need to offer your services on the internet. If you have a good portfolio you’ll find work. You can design infographics, book covers, blog post images, or anything else someone is willing to spend money on.

3. Writing Web Copy That Sells

You don’t necessarily buy products because they’re the best in the world. The reason you spend money most of the time is thanks to the words sprinkled around products. The best copywriters alive today can sell anything.

Sadly, the majority of people running a business won’t be able to write effective copy. It means they’ll make less sales. If you can change that for them it’s guaranteed they will make sure you’re well compensated.

4. You Can Just Write Simple Articles

The service you provide doesn’t need to be anything mind-blowing. It can be anything someone doesn’t want to do for themselves. For example, if people tried hard enough they would be able to write their own articles.

If they did it would prevent them from doing other things that generated more money. Websites need written content every single day. Learn to write for the web and work will always be available if you need it.

5. A/B Tests To Increase Conversion Rates

I want you to imagine an eCommerce site has a product page selling 10 items per day. You tell them you’ll double it and offer to do it for free. If you produce the goods they’ll pay you to tweak all their pages.

It’s simple today if you have A/B split-testing software. This is the easiest way in the world to make money, so why does nobody do it themselves? They’ve got better things to do and don’t mind paying you for your efforts.

You Don’t Need To Quit Your Job

Nobody is expecting you to walk in and quit your job tomorrow. The only thing you need to do is prepare for the worst. At this moment in time it means learning skills that will always help you put food on the table.


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