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4 Dangers in Your Garden You Didn’t Know About

It’s the place you relax the most in. But shouldn’t you be more cautious? We spend hours making our gardens look striking and immaculate. But what if dangers lurk below the aesthetics?

Do you know the detail about each plant in your backyard? What about that dastardly tree – seek the assistance of to have it taken care of asap.   A previous owner could have inadvertently planted a poisonous plant. And where do you source your potting soil from? Did you hear about the guy who contracted deadly bacteria when he simply wanted to plant a few shrubs?

That’s how dangerous your premises can be. So let’s count down the main hazards so you can put safety measures in place.


Do you hate seeing a creeping insect in the kitchen as much as I do? Of course, you’re ready to shout for someone to come and catch it and put it back in the garden. You can always call up Sacramento arborists for garden care advice.

But that means all those bugs are outside while you’re enjoying the fresh air. We may not always see them in time to getaway. It’s a horrible thought but they may even be lurking underneath your decorative garden stones. This could cause life-threatening problems.

You’ll win the battle halfway by not wearing a strong scent when outside. This can attract bees and wasps causing you to need waspnestremoval. And if it’s spiders you’re afraid of, a pair of gloves usually offers enough protection if you do disturb one while gardening.

Luckily not all spiders are poisonous, but be careful when you notice these around the house:

  • Black or Red Widow spiders that love staying in sheds
  • The striped Funnel Web Grass Spider that you’ll find around steps and small shrubs
  • The brown and beige Huntsman that loves staying under rocks


Even your plants can be a threat you haven’t thought of. Is your family safe? Somehow many dangerous plants ended up being some of society’s favorite ones.

Today you’ll find Agapanthus, Oleander, and Foxgloves in many gardens. But these can cause digestive problems, skin rashes, and nausea. Oleander can even cause death.

Trees can also be guilty, such as:

  • The Black Locust Tree with its white flowers
  • The Cherry tree, where you’ll find poisonous leaves and bark, even if the fruit is safe to eat
  • Chinaberry Tree with small yellow berries

Did you know some plants are poisonous to humans, but not to your pets? So you won’t know they’re dangerous until someone reacts to the poison.

So what do you do when you realize your home is the local danger zone? Don’t try handling it yourself. Some trees are so dangerous you can’t even stand near them when it rains. Rather call tree services in San Diego to remove the plants. They have the tools to do it right without putting anyone in danger.

Ben from GoTreeQuotes says that if the tree is on council property, you should be able to get them to trim or remove it free of charge. It is illegal to cut down large trees without prior permission, so please be sure to get a permit if needed by your city.


Wouldn’t you like a large, cozy, and warm home? That’s exactly what soil is to some bacilli. When the bacilli enter your bloodstream it can release toxins that cause Tetanus or ‘Lock-jaw’.

Once again, this is why it’s so important to wear gloves when working with potting soil or elsewhere in the garden. It could have prevented the person mentioned above from going into a coma from contracting legionellosis.

You can’t exactly remove this danger from your premises, but you can get immunized against Tetanus if you plan on spending a lot of time outside.


You use them to protect your plants, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe for you. Pesticides—whether they contain chemicals or not—shouldn’t be consumed. Always make sure children don’t eat treated plants or open the containers.

Also, remember these products are flammable. You can see you already have a lot to be cautious about. Don’t let your garden become a fire hazard too.


Ready to audit your garden? You won’t rest easy knowing there are potential hazards to your family or visitors. Rather take action now, so you never have to live with regret. And if you have to remove your most beloved tree, perhaps your garden needed a complete makeover. Happy gardening.


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