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How to Cook The Perfect Barbecue

What could be better than staying in the forest or park with your favorite company? In the air intoxicating delicious flavors in a fire smoldering embers, smoke shrouding most tasty pieces of ruddy kebab, framed tomatoes, and onion rings … Wherever we go we tend to research what certain areas of the country are famous for with food.  For example – Maine is famous for seafood and whoopie pies!  Oh yeah we have had a few of those for sure.  What Food Is Baltimore Maryland Famous For?  Or Tampa Florida?

Every summer necessarily marked by numerous trips to picnic and mental partying with barbecue, grill or barbecue. Because you see, nothing can compare to the unique taste of fragrant, juicy kebab, literally melting in your mouth!

Shish kebab – the king of all dishes

Everyone knows that the first thing that our ancestors learned to cook – it’s barbecue, which can easily be roasted on a fire. But that’s just unlikely that they had ample time and opportunity to experiment with the taste of meat killed by a bear or a mammoth, marinating it in a variety of spices. Although the tradition is even caught on because since ancient times, soldiers and hunters in the same way fried meat on a ramrod from their muskets.

To date, the birthplace of barbecue is called the Eastern countries such as the Caucasus, Lebanon, Iran, and Iraq. But, contrary to prevailing stereotypes, this dish can be found on the menu and other nations. For example, in the west always grilled meat on the grill, and some African natives prepare kebabs leaver. Temperamental Georgians are treated to the most important guests “mtsvadi” cooked dried on the vine grapes. But in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia widespread dish “satay” – which are small pieces of meat threaded on skewers.

Russia also boasts a long history of barbecue. During the reign of Ivan the Terrible, the meat was referred to as “spinning” because it was turned on a spit. But the word “barbecue” – occasional guest in a wealthy Russian language, because it has the Crimean Tatar origin. “Zilch” – a skewer, and “shashlik” means “something on a spit.” The Armenians called shashlik “barbecue,” the Azerbaijanis – “kebab” in Turkish – “shish kebab.”

In our time it is called kebab meat, which languished on the coals. But not everyone knows that the preparation of this dish – a real ritual, which has its laws, rules, and prohibitions. Of course, the meat must be prepared in the open air – is the main requirement, and at the same time benefit barbecue, because that’s what he gets the spicy aroma of smoke and a unique taste. Yes, and hold a picnic, in a circle of loved ones – a real pleasure.

Choosing the perfect meat for barbecue

To begin cooking barbecue, you first need to choose the meat. It does not matter; it will be a pig, poultry, lamb or calf. Rule one: the meat must be fresh and young. To receive the special dish of tender is to choose pieces with a minimum of fat. To prepare the classic kebab use kidney, dorsal portion of the carcass, as well as the flesh of the back leg (ham), the best quality lamb. Pork – the more popular and common option, because it is soft and mild. Also, many opt for chicken, beef or fish.

Do not use the frozen meat for barbecue, because it is practically no important nutrients found in abundance in fresh. It will not give any marinating or beat while remaining completely tasteless and tough. Also, do not cook skewers of fresh meat animal that had just scored. It should give him lie down at least a few hours to get the blood off his glasses.

If you decide to make skewers of pork, select the part of the carcass, which is located along the spine of the neck – it is the most gentle. It is called the neck or sheikdom. When choosing pork guided by the pinkish hue of meat – is an important indicator of freshness. You can still touch a piece, with the fingers should stay dry! If fresh meat to press, it quickly returns to its previous form, with the clear juice is highlighted. It is necessary to take a closer look and to fat – the fresh pork it has a pale white-pink hue.

If you prefer to make skewers of beef, remember that beef fat is quite solid and has a yellow, cream or white. The fat in fresh lamb is usually dense and quite white. When buying meat for the barbecue is also sniff his scent. Fresh produce, respectively, and smells fresh, flavor not heard of any impurities.

Meat calves have a light red color, fat – almost white. It is very easy to handle. The meat of adult animals usually red and juicy enough. His cooking is also no different than any difficulties. But the meat of older animals painted in dark red color, while fat has a yellow tint. Dishes to cook it difficult, it would require a lot of patience and some skills.

Kebabs of the birds, too, are extremely popular. In poultry meat contains a minimum of saturated fat, because it is much easier to digest than the same beef or pork. Having decided to cook skewers of meat, poultry, stop your choice on a fresh carcass, which should be plump breasts and clear skin without a single blemish. If you decide to buy frozen bird meat, then make sure that it was not entirely of ice crystals. The only way you will realize that the carcass froze for the first time and she had never thaw frozen.

Marinades for every taste

  • If you mix the onions with different spices, it may take a great marinade. You can also add lemon juice – would make a good sauce that can make the meat tender.
  • Grilled beef perfectly softens the mineral water in which to thoroughly soak the meat. But one mineral water is not enough – you need to add different spices to shish kebab not turned stale. Cooking of the meat evenly is crucial too, but that’s easy with the right grill, like Fire Magic, which ensures an even distribution of heat for the perfect grill each time.
  • Also, a good marinade can serve lemon juice with the olive oil.
  • In the East, the meat for kebabs marinated in yogurt with the addition of mint, lemon, pepper, coriander, ginger, curry. This marinade would be good for the birds.
  • Skewer the Chinese manner you get when you mix the marinade soy sauce and dry wine, add the garlic, pepper, ginger, honey.
  • For the Greek marinade need pomegranate juice and vodka in a proportion of 4:1.
  • For the marinade, mayonnaise needs to take 200 grams of mayonnaise on 1 kg of meat.
  • Great taste will give kebab marinade of tomato juice with chili ketchup.
  • Unusual taste of meat you get when you mix the mustard with kvass and pepper in the marinade and soak meat.

The main subtleties and secrets of cooking barbecue

Cook juicy, but at the same time, roasted kebabs, covered appetizing golden brown, it is not difficult, just need to follow some rules.

Rule 1. Pieces of meat must be positioned over hot coals at a distance of not less than 15 cm Barbecue best to use cast iron.

Rule 2. For marinating foods is desirable to choose a glass, enamel or earthenware. In no case can not be used for this purpose aluminum pot, because of the metal oxide can react with body fluids and products, badly tarnished their taste.

Rule 3. As meat and fish, intended for roasting on the grill or spit, have to be young, as well as different richness and freshness. If you plan to cook barbecue pork, ensure that on pieces was not a lot of fat. The fact is that fat is melted and Undermountain, and it will give the meat a bad taste.

Rule 4. Before cooking grease properly advise skewers grill or sunflower oil, then a little bit of heat. While the meat is cooked, it needs to be watered periodically fluids such as oil, a mixture of pure water with lemon juice or with the marinade. Proportion – 50×50. To give the meat or fish more juiciness, you can put on a little kebab slice of warm butter.

Rule 5. It is not necessary to cut the meat for kebabs too large. A perfect piece to have a thickness of about 2-2.5 cm. Otherwise, it will not be well-done. Meat on a skewer are strung along the grain, with its larger pieces in the middle (they are fatter), and those that are a bit smaller – around the edges. Thus it is necessary to make sure that none of them hung and hung.

Rule 6. Slices of kebab should be alternated with onion rings or sweet pepper. A layer of vegetables desirable place between the meat so that it almost looked out. Often in places where the pieces are too tightly pressed together, barbecue remains poorly roasty. To make it possible to fry evenly, periodically separate pieces stuck together.

Rule 7. Skewers of meat to be as close as possible to lay close to each other. This allows the fire to burn less, produces more smoke, so barbecue is even tastier. While the meat is cooked, be sure to turn the skewers once or twice, but not more often to help retain moisture.

Learn, ready to barbecue, very simple. To do this, carefully cut a piece of it. If the meat has given clear juice, it is safe to bring to the table. But the pink indicates that the barbecue is not ready yet. If the juice and not at all – its worst: the meat too dry and it can be safely disposed of. Consider your mistakes and start cooking the next batch.

Rule 8. Skewer never cooked on a fire of pine, fir, spruce, elm, maple, ash, aspen, larch, ash, alder, acacia, willow, and poplar. During the burning of these trees is released into the air some carcinogenic substances, which easily penetrate languishing over a campfire food. The most innocuous, what can you expect from such wood, – barbecue acquire a disgusting smell and taste.

It is best suited for this purpose dry fruit trees. In the south, the absolute favorite is the apricot, during which the smoldering flesh becomes sweet flavor and delicate aroma. Wood plums obtained proof enough coals, famous for excellent flammability. But the apple and cherry prized for its ability to impart the flavor of the meat are truly magical. One only has to throw in a couple of blazing fire cherry logs, and your future skewers soaked wonderful, with nothing comparable to the smell.

Bon appetit!

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