Give Your Clients Overseas The Best Lead Times Available

When working as a value-added reseller, your top priority should be a timely delivery; it is what can set you apart from the competition especially when working internationally. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors at play that are out of your control including how long things like IT equipment and other types of dual use goods will take to clear through customs. In fact, there are well known complications associated with the global distributions process that can be challenging for resellers to tackle on their own.

The first of these is the paperwork; because controlled-use goods are heavily scrutinized at most borders, each country requires the documentation accompanying a shipment to be filled out with strict attention to accuracy. Without adequate expertise, it’s easy to make a mistake or miss something, potentially resulting in costly delays both on your part and that of your international clients. Furthermore, the requirements differ from country to country – some may just ask for a commercial invoice and freight delivery waybill while others may need you to show additional permits, licences and certifications.

Another complication involves the timing of both clearance and delivery; there are some countries where technologies take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to clear which can be detrimental to growing your reselling business when your clients desire speed and above all, reliability. The ability to give a precise estimated time of arrival is of paramount importance, nevertheless what happens at customs post-shipment, and the amount of time clearance takes, is out of the reseller’s hands unless they work with a strong importer.

Working with a respected importer of record can alleviate many of the pain points within this process including potential delays; they can even guarantee fast and compliant clearance irrespective of how large or expensive the shipment, or how complex the receiving country’s conditions. TecEx for example is one global distributions partner that provides some of the best lead times in the industry. Upon a quote’s acceptance, they immediately begin the pre-approval process and compile all the required paperwork on the reseller’s behalf (taking approximately 1-3 days). Then, they see the shipment through customs promising full clearance 3-7 days thereafter. Check out their blog for the clearance process breakdown and for tips on importing IT equipment from an industry leader who understands the global supply chain and its challenges.

This is so beneficial for the reseller’s client retention, as they’ll be able to provide their goods to the businesses they’re working with consistently and on schedule. With this type of turnover, you as a reseller are more likely to get subsequent business from your clients across the world, whenever they require a new order of equipment. Speed, accuracy, and reliability ensure IT equipment gets where its going with minimal hassle.

Take the stress out of reselling globally and be in control of when your equipment arrives by partnering with a competent importer. This way, an expert can take over an elusive process for you, while you focus your energies on fostering new client relationships, expanding to other countries where your competitors aren’t working, and meeting the need for outsourced technologies without customs making matters more difficult for you.

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