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7 Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful Entrepreneurs…

…Create Vision and Goals

They know the path they want to follow.  Their success is measurable and their goals require 110% to reach them.

…Are Excited

They are optimistic and look forward to every milestone and achievement.

…Keep Focused

Every day is a new challenge and successful entrepreneurs maintain their focus and stay committed to their goals.

…Understand That Failure Leads To Success

Fear of failing will hinder success.  Understanding that failure is part of the process and it is through failing that an entrepreneur can achieve great success.

…Build Relationships

It is through relationships with others that success can be achieved for all.  Help others achieve success and in turn those relationships will help the entrepreneur achieve success.  Success breeds success.

…Make Time For Family

They are not so focused on success that they forget to think holistically.  Their success is part of the greater picture.

…Build Professionally

Every day they make time to do something to improve themselves and build professionally.  Self improvement is not an indulgence – it is a requirement.




Entrepreneurs are not employees – they are business owners and need to make the mental shift to thinking like that.  There are many perks to being an entrepreneur but it is not like being an employee with some added bonus’.  Employees know alot about a few things – they specialize while entrepreneurs know a little about alot.  They have to – their time is spent learning and building.


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Employees tend to wait for the perfect time to make a move or a decision – they always want to look good and definitely don’t want to fail.  Entrepreneurs expect failure to be part of their success and in a way – look forward to it, embrace it and learn from it.

Start Doing – rather than dreaming!

Employees spend time dreaming of their plans for success while entrepreneurs plan their dreams and move forward.  They act and are always doing something to that end.  Employees think in terms of money while entrepreneurs think in terms of time.

I am in a unique position where I am an employee by day but an entrepreneur by night.  These are two very different mindsets.  I have far less control of my activities as an employee.  I work in education and so much of what I do is governed through budgets and lack of them.

In my entrepreneurial activities time is most critical.  I am always looking for maximizing my schedule and taking advantage of every minute I can in every way possible.   Much of entrepreneurial success is attributed to working smarter not harder.  Now is the time!



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